Come on, let's use them properly, people!

I feel that the world in general needs a refresher course on the correct use of Apostrophes. I see them misused ALL the time: at work ( you know you're in trouble when you boss not only writes "memo's" but also doesn't know the difference between to and too),  in television commercials, and especially on the internet. Come on, people, it's not that hard. 

Rule #1: Apostrophes are not used to pluralize things unless they are acronyms: CD's, DVD's. I don't know if that is an actual rule but it seems to be socially acceptable. But let's not have any of this, "I bought five shirt's today!" or "I have six candle's." *Shudder*

Rule#2: Apostrophes are used to show possession, like so: "This is my brother's wallet." or "This is Christopher's computer. 

Rule #3: Sometimes they are used to show possession AND plurals, but then you put it at the end of the word, not in the middle: "The horses' Barn." or "My siblings' quirks." or more importantly, "The girls' room." 

Rule #4: Its vs. It's. Its shows possession, it's is a contraction of it is. Really, it's not that hard. 

Rule #5: Apostrophe is also the literary device of addressing or invoking an idea: "Oh, Love, send me thy whatever," or "Cruel Fate! Forever will I be chased by thy blah blah blah."  In Apostrophe when you are actually talking to Fate or Love or Truth, there are no actual apostrophes involved.

 These rules really are quite simple. And I, for one, would give bloggers a lot more respect if they knew how to use an apostrophe. If you can't use it correctly, don't use it at all because nothing is more annoying than moron's who kant right. 


Beth the Apostrophe Nazi