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Spring Clean Tips

spring clean tips
    spring clean
  • thoroughly clean the entire house, often done only once a year; "she started spring-cleaning on April 1"
  • Spring cleaning is the period in spring time set aside for cleaning a house, normally applied in climates with a cold winter.
  • (tip) the extreme end of something; especially something pointed
  • Give (someone) a sum of money as a way of rewarding them for their services
  • Predict as likely to win or achieve something
  • (tip) cause to tilt; "tip the screen upward"
  • (tip) gratuity: a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)
spring clean tips - Quick and
Quick and Easy Boat Maintenance: 1,001 Time-Saving Tips
Quick and Easy Boat Maintenance: 1,001 Time-Saving Tips
A treasure chest of proven labor-savers that can help you get those pesky maintenance chores done faster--so you can get out on the water and play. Here are 1,001 tested tips from Boating Magazine's maintenance expert, giving super-effective yet environmentally friendly ways to clean and maintain all your boat's systems: deck, hull, cabin, engine, bilge, electrical systems, tanks, and gear. Stop working on your boat and go boating!

Boat owners, let us remind you of this simple fact: it's better to be out on the water than working on your boat at the dock. Sandy Lindsey has compiled 1,001 tips to help you keep your boat running--and looking--its best in Boating Magazine's Quick & Easy Boat Maintenance. From deck to hull, from paint to the electrical systems, and from winterizing to preparing for opening day, Lindsey offers up advice to help you maintain your boat in less time and with less expense. Many of these tips are also happily environmentally friendly--for example, replacing expensive boat cleaners with cheaper and less caustic substitutes. With its concise text and clear layout, this guide will become a welcome addition to your boating library. --M. Stein

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Spring Cleaning And Procrastination
Spring Cleaning And Procrastination
I spent a good deal of the morning organizing the stash, and starting to organize my needles. I still want to sew a couple of needle cases -- one for DPNs, and one for Harmony/Options needle tips. And maybe some sort of case for interchangeable needle cords and fixed circs. This involves truly, finally, for-reals learning how to use that sewing machine of mine. I also just bought fabric for a new covering for the front door window. This sewing thing scares me greatly. I can't find the instructions for my machine, so I will have to see if I can figure it out through some sort of combination of winging it, youtube, and maybe if I'm desperate seeing if there are downloadable PDF instructions online. It's a nice machine. It's also a huge hurdle for me, that I haven't been able to overcome, yet. Chawne, when are you coming to NH to hold my hand? I will be chanelling your sewing-Goddessness today, in the hope that a tiny smidgen rubs off on me. I'll truthfully settle for remembering how to thread the thing. blargh.
spring cleaning
spring cleaning
yes, that all came out of my laptop keyboard. and yes, it is rather disgusting. but would you rather i had left it in there? stri's computer hygiene tip: clean out your keyboard with the adhesive edge of a "post it" or generic 'sticky note' at least once per month. if you don't have any sticky notes, try some scotch tape. doesn't everyone think the result of keyboard cleaning would make for a GREAT flickr group? i didn't think so.

spring clean tips
spring clean tips
Organizing for Life: Declutter Your Mind to Declutter Your World
Say good-bye to the stress of mess - for good! You can find the order, beauty, and peace you desire - and deserve - in your home. Organizing for Life reveals the secrets of keeping your house neat, clean, and organized without spending every minute of your life working on it. Finally an audio book that goes beyond the how-tos of cleaning and looks right at the heart of messiness so permanent change can take place. You'll learn why things are out of control so you can get them back in order and keep them that way. You'll uncover the mental and emotional roots of clutter - guilt, fear, rebellion, habit - so you can get rid of it. Even the best cleaning methods are useless if you can't keep up and soon slip back into old habits. Stop struggling. You can overcome that old, unsuccessful mind-set and discover a new way of thinking that makes messiness a thing of the past.

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