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How To Clean A Car Radiator

how to clean a car radiator
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how to clean a car radiator - DeLonghi EW7507EB
DeLonghi EW7507EB Digital Oil-Filled Radiator
DeLonghi EW7507EB Digital Oil-Filled Radiator

The DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil-FIlled Radiator automatically regulates the temperature by cycling between high, medium, and low. This maintains a constant comfort level, while saving energy. The double function timer allows you to program two different times, so you can set it for the morning and night. This heater automatically turns on when the room temperature drops below the set temperature with anti-freeze setting, and if it becomes too warm, it automatically turns off with safety thermal cut-off.
* Heater automatically turns ON when the room temperature drops below the set temperature with anti-freeze setting * Automatically turns off with safety thermal cut-off if heater becomes too warm * Convenient cord storage * Rust-resistant durable metal construction * Product Dimensions: 15 x 10.5 x 25.2 inches * Shipping Weight: 29 pounds

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rad-leak 0595
rad-leak 0595
Day 4 - Odd job day… New small coolant hoses (all 5/8”) were cut to length (3.5” and 2.5”) and installed on the cleaned-up coolant pipes. The aluminum air cleaner was quickly polished up. The hood prop rod was repaired with the SSC parts and PCV valve, disty cap, and rotor were replaced. The crank pulley was loosened by putting the car in 4th gear with the parking brake set. This worked to my advantage since the car was parked on a slight incline and the weight was on the brakes already. Turning the bolt CCW caused the car to want to reverse, so there was hardly any crank movement. After a few good heaves on the ratchet, the bolt was free. I thwacked the pulley with a small hammer gently on both sides to break any rust bonds. Contrary to desires to pry or yank the pulley off, only very slight, gentle shakes made it come forward. I pushed it back on for now and rotated the crank to TDC and verified with cam and by looking in spark plug hole. Lastly I experimented with cam degreeing and planned my attack on the head disassembly. I held diagonal cutters in the lash adjuster groove and used a wrench to pry up on the lifter against the diagonal cutters. Worked great – popped right off. I reinstalled it by sliding it in from the valve side and when it stopped, I gently tapped it in place with a small hammer. Perfect! Now how to compress those valve springs…. Day 5 - Odd job day #2… Radiator was taken to a local radiator shop for evaluation and repair. In the picture is the slow weep area... The guy glanced at it and said it was beyond repair – WTF – it does not look THAT bad! I was quoted $500+ for a new one or $400 to recore mine – screw that! I ordered a new one from Rockauto for 160 – either that one will work or the weepy one goes back in along with some stop-leak stuff. New spark plugs were gapped to specs and reboxed.
Kirsten 264/365
Kirsten 264/365
So here's how my day went.... I slept worth shit and woke up in a bad mood knowing that may day was going to be BUSY! I had to be running all over town dropping off, picking up and delivering things for people. Luckily the kids are feeling better but were still little shits for me. I mumbled under my breath as we were walking out the door..."Could today get any worse". Yeah....I'm stupid. After my first run I noticed smoke coming from my engine. Tried not to think much about it because It was really cold out and I just wanted it to be steam coming off the hood. By the second location it was smoking pretty good. I parked, lifted the hood. Smoke every where and shit splattered all over my engine....SHIT. Ended up having a crack in my radiator. Great....that put a halt to my day. Still had a lot to do. I have the best husband...he called up his sister and they lent me their extra car that I could borrow until mine is fixed. I was able to finish up my running around and ended up kicking it at my aunt and uncle's house. My aunt then asked if I wanted something to do. I said sure. She is having their annual "No Turkey's Allowed" party tomorrow (pictures and explanation to come tomorrow) So they paid me to clean their house while they took care of the kids. Went home with some cash in my pocket and dead tired. Hopefully I shall have my car back soon :(. Just need to make some more $$ to get a new radiator. Damn it

how to clean a car radiator
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