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Clean Eating Magazine

clean eating magazine
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clean eating magazine - EatingWell (1-year
EatingWell (1-year auto-renewal)
EatingWell (1-year auto-renewal)
A delicious balance of cooking and must-have nutrition features, EatingWell is the award-winning magazine where good taste meets good health on every page. Each issue is filled with dozens of delicious and nutritious recipes, smart shopping tips, healthy-in-a-hurry menus and much more! Beautiful color images illustrate never-fail, full-flavored recipes for healthful everyday eating and entertaining.

Who Reads EatingWell?
What's for dinner? Is it healthy? Is it easy? If you ask these questions, EatingWell is for you. The magazine "Where Good Taste Meets Good Health," EatingWell delivers the information and inspiration its 350,000 paid subscribers need to make healthy eating a way of life with great, easy recipes (most take 45 minutes or less), the latest nutrition science, gorgeous photos and crisp, evocative prose.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

Fresh: News from the world of food.
Healthy in a Hurry: Fantastic, quick recipes that meet our strict nutrition parameters yet are delicious and simple to make.
Nutrition News to Live By: Words of advice from top scientists.
EatingWell by Season: Delicious recipes based on what's in season and fresh now.
Special Report: In-depth, award-winning journalism about new findings in nutrition science, where our food comes from and how it is produced.
Feature Articles: EatingWell examines the connections among food, its origins and its impact on communities. These are some of the recent topics covered in EatingWell features: Do You Really Need Supplements?, The Search for the Anti-Aging Diet, How to Grow Your Own Salads, Why Buffalo Is Back.
Magazine Layout:
EatingWell is rare in that EVERY recipe is accompanied by a beautiful, realistic photo showing what the dish will look like. Luscious photos are part of the brand, along with simple recipes and strong writing.

Award-winning writers (Rachael Moeller Gorman, David Dobbs, Bill McKibben, Rowan Jacobsen) and nutrition science professionals, such as Marion Nestle, Dr. Philip Ades, Brian Wansink, come together in the pages of EatingWell.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Unlike Cooking Light, EatingWell is the only magazine to focus uniquely on the intersection of food and health and "origins"—where the food comes from.

EatingWell's pages are at least 60% editorial. The remaining 40% is paid advertising from companies promoting healthy foods, products and lifestyles, often in the natural and organic space.

EatingWell has been named one of the top 3 food magazine for the last 3 years (Folio: Eddie Award). It also won a James Beard Foundation Journalism Award for nutrition reporting in 2008 and an IACP Bert Greene Award for best food essay. The EatingWell Diet was named one of the top 10 best diet cookbooks last year by Health Magazine and CNN.

85% (6)
magazine lover
magazine lover
292::365 October 19, 2009 I LOVE magazines. they are the one grocery item I have the hardest time resisting! these are my current favorites: Real Simple- even though I sometimes question how a 2" thick magazine can be "simple" Family Fun- for the fun family crafts and recipes life:beautiful- for the inspiration, photography, and ideas Clean Eating- for all the healthy information and recipes Weight Watchers- cause I really need to get back on track!! Food Network magazine- just because! what are some of your favorite magazines?
4/6/10 clean eating
4/6/10 clean eating
Love this magazine. Made the recipe on pg 64 tonight: grilled tilapia with banana bean salad. Good!

clean eating magazine
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