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Hi everyone!

          My name is Denise Wells, and I would love to serve as your National Coordinator for another year.  I feel that there are still many things with which I can assist this great Project for another term.

First, a little about me.  I am a young 66 years old and have worked in law for 40+ years, as well as the real estate title industry, and in real estate.  I held a real estate license in Indiana for numerous years, as well as in Florida, and am currently a contract manager for real estate associates and brokers here in Florida.  I will soon be joining Keller Williams with my main broker agent who is now the Designated Broker for one of KW's offices in South Florida.  Managing contracts for him for 3+ years, he is a multi-million dollar broker agent.  My goal is that more of his abilities, knowledge and experience rub off on me.  Working with him has added more to my own knowledge and experience and benefited my other agents.  As a doctor in his home country of Cuba for several years prior to moving his family to South Florida, he began working to obtain a medical license in the United States.  In need of taking care of his family, he began selling real estate while in medical school again.  He became so successful as a real estate associate, and then as a broker, heading and coaching his own team, that he eventually left the medical field.  Working with him has provided a marvelous opportunity to work with an amazingly diverse group of individuals from all walks of life.

I have two children: my oldest is 46, single and works for Apple as a senior level technician; and my youngest is almost 27, married and about to give me my first granddaughter in mid September.  We are all very excited!  (I've been accused of being in "granny" mode lately by certain people...)

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana for much of my life, I married a Navy boy during the Viet Nam War.  We lived in Alameda and San Francisco, CA, before returning to Indianapolis while my husband was overseas. I finally moved to Florida in 2001, arriving here on my 50th birthday, shortly before the 9/11 attack on the United States.  Reinventing myself in Florida, I did legal contract work for numerous law firms, as well as handling music publishing and business matters for Dion of "Dion & The Belmonts" fame from 2001-2012.  I managed the copyrighting of his music, writings and albums through the US Patent & Trademark Office, which moved to electronic filing of his music/albums, assisted with writing and revising contracts, handled his music catalog for his publishing company, calculated writers' pay for numerous other musicians with whom he collaborated on various compositions, dealt with licensing for the various music realty shows, including American Idol, for use of his songs, moving licensing, performances, and everything in between during that time period.  We even discussed the arrangement of songs on his albums and the compilations on those albums. I was even fortunate enough to be listed on the liner notes thank you on several of his albums since 2001.  It was a fun and exciting experience I will always treasure. 

I also worked for a real estate investor/developer as an in-house senior paralegal and while there, created a title company, for his business, while managing the purchase of many multi-million dollar parcels of land and commercial buildings.  One purchase was the second largest land purchase since Disney.  That was very interesting and educational for me. 

Attending two national NGS Conferences, I was very proud to represent the Project as your National Coordinator during the 2016 Fort Lauderdale, FL conference (our 20th anniversary year), as well as at the 2017 Conference in Raleigh, NC.  Fortunately, our current National Webmaster, Marsha Bryant, invited me to stay with her family, and I spent a week in Raleigh.  Both conferences were a great experience to meet many of our volunteers, as well as researchers, authors and speakers who often use our state, county and project sites.  Meeting numerous heads of other genealogy programs, companies, educators was a great experience; i.e., FamilySearch, Billion Graves, MyHeritage, National Institute for Genealogical Studies, and others.  


I want to investigate more ways for The USGenWeb Project to bring in new volunteers.  We have many counties that are in desperate need for help and material and I would like to see those counties become adopted by new and excited volunteers. 


One way to instigate opportunities to potentially bring in new volunteers is with an outreach program to set up and do some live webinars around the country and work with libraries and other professional genealogists and authors from around the United States to interact with researchers from around the country.  I would love to hear from anyone privately if you are interested in putting something like that together.  I think it would go a long way to support the entire Project and to potentially recruit new volunteers and more interest in The USGenWeb Project.  

I may not have met most of you, but I've been working for ALL OF YOU since I was originally elected to this position as National Coordinator for The USGenWeb Project.  Many of you have worked with me through some interesting and trying times.  Most recently the USGW has been dealing with Ancestry/Rootsweb taking all of our hosted sites offline since mid December 2017.  This has not been the easiest of times for the entire project; but great things have been happening.  I purchased hosting for any and all project sites that needed assistance.  At the present time we are approaching 250+ sites being housed at  More are coming on board every day, and we are working to update our sites page for the listings of a few states and more counties.  New state and county sites are being redesigned and updated since the first of this year, and lots of new material is being added to our many sites.  Also, many states now have no sites housed on Rootsweb, and more are still moving to other servers. As Ancestry has announced bringing back the many sites previously housed there, it remains interesting to see how that proceeds.  Free space will still be offered to those who feel the need to move their sites.  Other free space is also available. 

Rootsweb for many years hosted our sites and has taken great care of our Project; then Ancestry purchased Rootsweb and most of the county and project sites remained on their servers.  During the summer of 2017, my research revealed Rootsweb housed approximately 1,080 county sites.  Unfortunately, there have been some glitches along the way but we moved through them.  Many states and counties set up their own servers and hosting and moved away from the usual hosting with Ancestry/Rootsweb.  The times are changing, and I firmly believe that The USGenWeb Project must change with the times as well.  Early last year we unveiled a new national site designed by our current National Webmaster, and with her Assistant, Norma Hass, they regularly are tweaking and updating the national pages behind the scenes and doing a great job.  

All that being said, there is still more that I can do for this wonderful genealogy project, and I hope you will give me a chance to continue throughout 2018 and 2019 to help make this project grow and deal with the changing events. 

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.