Camdemia publishes high quality books, monographs and book series in various disciplines. All publications will have ISBNs and be deposited in Library & Archives Canada. Digital books will also have DOI index.

Up Coming Book Series:
    Currently, we are in the process of developing a new book series:
Geo-Resources Environment and Engineering (GREE) to cover the following fields: development and use of geo-resources (e.g., minerals, fossil fuels, water, land and renewable energies) and the associated environment issues and geohazards. Topics may include theory, practice, design, experiments, modeling, field monitoring, assessment, technology, case studies, etc.
The book series
will have an ISSN and be published electronically. It will consist of conference proceedings and specialty books, each of which will also have its own ISBN. If you are interested in making a contribution to the book series, please contact us.
    If you are planning your own
book series, we can help too.

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