Hidden Spy Video Camera

hidden spy video camera
    video camera
  • A camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen
  • A video camera is a camera used for electronic motion picture acquisition, initially developed by the television industry but now common in other applications as well.
  • A camera that records onto digital or videotape.
  • The modern CCTV video camera is available in both monochrome (black and white) and color. Cameras can be set in fixed-positions or placed on 'pan-and-tilt' devices that allow the camera to be moved up, down, left and right.
  • designed to elude detection; "a hidden room or place of concealment such as a priest hole"; "a secret passage"; "the secret compartment in the desk"
  • difficult to find; "hidden valleys"; "a hidden cave"; "an obscure retreat"
  • concealed: not accessible to view; "concealed (or hidden) damage"; "in stormy weather the stars are out of sight"
  • Kept out of sight; concealed
  • descry: catch sight of
  • Work for a government or other organization by secretly collecting information about enemies or competitors
  • Observe (someone) furtively
  • a secret watcher; someone who secretly watches other people; "my spies tell me that you had a good time last night"
  • (military) a secret agent hired by a state to obtain information about its enemies or by a business to obtain industrial secrets from competitors
  • Discern or make out, esp. by careful observation
hidden spy video camera - MINI DVR
MINI DVR Car Key Chain Spy Cam Hidden Camera
MINI DVR Car Key Chain Spy Cam Hidden Camera
"Looks can be deceiving" and "the hands are faster than the eye" are both sayings that can be applied to the video recording versatility of the KeyVU. It looks like your everyday common key fob that disables your car's alarm and unlocks the doors, but in the right hands (yours) it can take some of the best surreptitious video in the world. Built with the word "covert" in mind, the KeyVU takes incredible 480p video, amazingly crisp and clear SXGA, 24bit quality color still photographs.
Rechargeable Batteries
Fully charged Lithium-Polymer batteries allow you to record up to 90 continuous minutes of high quality footage.

Expanded Memory
The KeyVU supports up to 8GB SD cards - enough for hours of footage or hundreds of photos. Plug & Play
Simply connect the KeyVU to your Mac or PC using the supplied data cable or use the SD card in a card reader. All video is recorded in .AVI format; pictures are saved in .JPEG.

The KeyVU is perfect for concerned citizens, private investigators, law-enforcement and anyone looking to take videos without being caught in the act. Ask yourself this question

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A fancy analog watch that hides a video camera in its face.

hidden spy video camera
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