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Elmo Document Camera Price

elmo document camera price
    document camera
  • A camera with tablet designed to capture still images (from 35mm slides up to A0-sized maps) and transmit them via the codec to the remote site.
  • Document cameras, also known as image presenters, visual presenters, digital visualizers, ("visualisers" in the United Kingdom) digital overheads, and docucams, are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience.
  • A document camera is integrated into the audiovisual system and replaces an overhead projector. It has higher resolution than an overhead projector and allows the user to project text, photos or three-dimensional objects on a screen in the classroom.
  • monetary value: the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold); "the fluctuating monetary value of gold and silver"; "he puts a high price on his services"; "he couldn't calculate the cost of the collection"
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  • Decide the amount required as payment for (something offered for sale)
  • Elmo is a Muppet on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is a furry red monster. He currently hosts the last full 15 minute segment on Sesame Street, Elmo's World, which is aimed at toddlers. His puppeteer is Kevin Clash, who uses falsetto to produce his voice.
  • In J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, the Elves are one of the races of Arda. They appear in The Hobbit and in The Lord of the Rings, but their complex history is described in full only in The Silmarillion, edited and published after Tolkien's death.
  • ELMO (Engulfment and Cell Motility) is a family of related proteins (~82 kDa) involved in intracellular signalling networks.
elmo document camera price - Lumens Document
Lumens Document Camera Lightweight USB Powered Microphone
Lumens Document Camera Lightweight USB Powered Microphone
The Lumens UXGA Document Camera is a compact UXGA resolution camera. It is a portable document camera with 5.5x mechanical (optical) zoom capability and a manual focus to easily capture all the details. It is a Great Value for your money.Plug and Play. A great feature of the DC 120 Document Camera is that it can be installed easily. It comes with a USB cable that connects it to the computer for installation and power. Just grab and the images, and transfer them to the computer.USB Power. The provided USB is quite handy, not just for powering the camera or transferring images. It can be connected to interactive whiteboards to provide seamless integration. The USB provides speed up to 480 Mbps, ensuring fast transfer of data.High Quality. The images produced by the DC 120 Document Camera are high resolution images. They have crystal clear image clarity ensuring that your images are captured in high resolution.No Additional Hardware. The DC 120 Document Camera comes with a built in microphone and a LED light. You don't need to buy extra accessories to record streaming videos. All the hardware you need is provided!

82% (9)
Aver Media Document Camera
Aver Media Document Camera
Aver Media Document Camera pictured in the Gregg Technology Center on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois on June 23, 2011. (Jay Grabiec)
Canon Document Camera
Canon Document Camera
A Canon Document Camera pictured in the Buzzard Building on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois on June 23, 2011. (Jay Grabiec)

elmo document camera price
elmo document camera price
Elmo - Document camera anti-theft bracket
Elmo 9338-1 Anti-Theft Bracket for the Elmo 9338 model P30 Digital Visual PresenterELMO is committed to continuously improve technology and developing products that establish the standards now and into the future. Elmo Company LTD has built a strong brand image of 'Safety' and 'Trust' with excellence in their products for over 80 years.Elmo 9338-1 Anti-Theft Bracket for the Elmo 9338 model P30 Digital Visual Presenter Features:; Anti-Theft Bracket for the Elmo 9338; Enables the P30 to be bolted to any flat surface preventing burglary and vandalism; Length x Width x Height; 23.5 x 15.4 x 3.3

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