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Dome Camera Suppliers

dome camera suppliers
    dome camera
  • A type of camera with dome cover. They may have fixed or vari-focal lenses. Some come with infrared lighting and some are designed to be tamper-proof (also referred to as vandal-resistant). Armor dome cameras are designed to resist vandalism by using a hi-impact reinforced polycarbonate dome casing.
  • A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.
  • (Supplier) a company that offer travel services to the general public.
  • (supplier) someone whose business is to supply a particular service or commodity
dome camera suppliers - XPRO 24"x
XPRO 24"x 24" Studio Photography White Photo Light Tent - DigiTent - Dome - Cube - Box + 4 Chroma Key Back Drop
XPRO 24"x 24" Studio Photography White Photo Light Tent - DigiTent - Dome - Cube - Box + 4 Chroma Key Back Drop
XPRO proudly introduce GoPro, the second generation of photo light tents. The tent is made out of outer nylon shell to diffuse the light, and the blended pure white felt P.U. interior for maximum light distribution. Most of the light tents on the market are manufactured only with Nylon material which may cause uneven distribution of diffused light in the tent. There are two rows of elastic tabs allowing user to utilize clear rods or clear fishing line to suspend your object. GoPro 24" x 24" Tent is perfect for photographing medium to large products that can be lit with daylight, HMI, electronic flash, fluorescent quartz and tungsten light sources. The tent includes four background and a portable carrying case. Dare to compare challenge. We offer a 30 day money back guaranty (Full Refund) if you are not convinced that the GoPro light tent is one of the best light tent manufactured period.

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Custom-made helmet for a short film. The helmet is based on the old brass Mk 2 diving gear, but with a modern/alien twist. The design of the piece is inspired by peak sci-fi films such as Alien, Star Wars and Blade Runner - function before form. The helmet was made from 2 stock acryillic hemispheres, with a sheet styrene construction on the back. Detailing was with various model kit parts, sillicone glue and basic electronics, along with stock plastic fittings from special effects suppliers EMA Model Supplies. The "gun" was made overnight from whatever leftover stock I had to hand, which includes PVC pipe and a number of other prop parts (the tip is the nosecone from Derek Medding's Thunderbird 1). The faceplate with the many lenses was inspired by the Bolex cameras we used to use at uni. Concept to final construction was around 6 days, with some overnight periods. The construction method wasn't my preferred one - with more money, CNC machining and fibreglass casting would have made the process much easier, but that would have quadroupled the cost of the costume. The helmet's design was a key part of the cinematography of the piece - it is not only highly reflective and full of surface detail, but it also has two forward LED spotlamps that illumunate the scenery around it. My role in this film - largely as production designer and camera op - was to ensure that the art direction really was an integral part of the film, and not just an afterthought.
Avery 007
Avery 007
I took the picture out the window of my car. It was raining and I had activated the automatic window-close when I decided to snap this picture. As I pressed the shutter release, the rising window bumped the camera... The sign next to the door is McIlhenny's appointment from Elizabeth II to be the supplier of pepper sauce to the House of Windsor... Dieu et Mon Tabasco...

dome camera suppliers
dome camera suppliers
VideoSecu 16 Channel H.264 Network Web Remote Monitoring CCTV Security Camera DVR System , included CCD Night Vision Outdoor Security Cameras, 1000GB Hard Drive, Camera Power Supplies, 1000 Feet Siamese RG59 Cable WAE
DVP526 DVR is a real time 16 Channel H.264 triplex Digital Video Recorder (DVR), will record CIF real-time video on each channel onto the hard drive. Breakthrough new technology brings this real time network DVR at an affordable price, providing the high quality, ease of use and reliability required in a professional system. The DVP526D is ideally suited for commercial grade applications, as it provides access to up to 16 cameras, access to up to two SATA hard drives. This DVR supports USB mouse, network file share function, and dual coding stream.

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