Rehearsal Dates 2018-19 (weekly and combined).

Local Rehearsals

These are held as shown below.  


 Bottisham Village College
 Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm
 Roger Bond
 Comberton Village College
 Mondays 7.30-9.15pm
 Lucy Morrell
 Meldreth School
 Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm
 Adrian Jacobs

CCS Combined Rehearsals for 2019 concert

Joint rehearsals will be held on the dates shown below at Newnham Croft Primary School, Chedworth St, Newnham, Cambridge, CB3 9JF. 

These are held from 2pm to 4pm unless specified.
Please note these times have changed. 



Subscriptions for 2017-18 Season

Subscription for 2017-18 season is £100 for the whole season including music hire.

Joiners after Dec 31st will be charged half.

Fee for Associates is £55 for the whole season, unless they attend more than half the weekly rehearsals, in which case they will pay the full fee.