Research and Advising

I offer a wide array of research and advising services on the topics of environmental risk, energy analysis, sustainability, climate change and technology support. Some of the more prominent ones are featured below, but contact me if you have additional needs not shown here.

Characterizing environmental risk, and performing the associated uncertainty, variability and sensitivity analyses, to assess alternative regulatory, business, construction and investment strategies; included in this work is cumulative and aggregate risk assessment.

Assessing environmental footprints of buildings, businesses, technologies and communities to locate effective energy, environmental and climate change strategies, and to develop client responses to energy and carbon challenges.

Business development, supporting innovators, SMEs, large firms and trade organisations in identifying, establishing and maintaining networks for business-for-business contacts and public-private sector partnerships locally, nationally and globally.

Developing sustainability strategies for businesses, institutions and communities, including creating multi-criteria assessment tools for measuring sustainability and monitoring for success, and creation of business cases for sustainability investment.

Facilitating discussions between organizations involved in scientific, business and policy decisions, including translating complex scientific and technological information for a wide range of stakeholders, and managing workshops and public events in support.

Policy advising provided to organisations as diverse as the Environmental Protection Agency and American Water Works Association in the US; Environment Agency, DECC, Defra, Ofwat and water companies in the UK; and the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency in the Middle East.

Decision support, including development of bespoke software to enable data collection, abstraction and analysis required for complex, science-based, decisions, and assessment of the quality of scientific, social and technological information for value-of-information assessments.

Review of scientific and policy documents and procedures in the areas of energy, environment and sustainability to improve the evidence base and understanding of the implications and conclusions to be drawn, and writing of these documents if needed.

Public speaking on a wide array of environmental, energy, sustainability and climate change topics for which audiences need an informed and inspirational picture of the path forward to creative solutions, targeting both advanced and general audiences.