About CSP Consulting

Cambridge Science and Policy Consulting is the private consultancy of Prof Douglas Crawford-Brown, located in San Diego (US) and Cambridge (UK). The consultancy has operated since 2001 with a focus on environmental risk assessment, policy analysis and climate risk reduction.

My projects are global, but with much of the work in support of environmental policy development and community-scale decarbonisation in the US, UK and EU. I also have completed projects in Japan, UAE, Austria, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, France, India, Czech Republic, Finland and Norway. For a complete listing of services, travel to the Research and Advising page using the navigation bar.

My degrees are in nuclear science and physics, but most of my career has been in the field of environmental science and policy. I retired in 2016 as Director of the University of Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research and as Professor in the Department of Land Economy and a founding member of the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment. I remain a Senior Member of Robinson College at Cambridge, and Emeritus Professor in Environmental Sciences and Policy at the University of North Carolina in the US, where I was Professor from 1982 to 2007 in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering and Department of Public Policy, Resource Faculty in the Department of Philosophy and founding Director of the university-wide Institute for the Environment.

Since 2015 I have been International Visiting Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Visiting Professor of Doshisha University (Japan), Lecturer at Beihang University (China) and Lecturer at the University of Graz (Austria) Climate Policy College. I have served on multiple committees of the Science Advisory Board of the US Environmental Protection Agency (US); National Science Foundation (US); Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change (US); Technical Advisory Group of the American Water Works Association (US); OFWAT Regulatory Futures Panel (UK); HM Treasury Interdependent Infrastructure Expert Panel (UK); Climate Change Risk Assessment panel (UK); Pool of Scientific Experts (EU); RBS Innovation Gateway panel; and as Chair of the Board for Wysing Arts Centre (UK).

Recent Projects

Contact me to receive further information on these projects, including deliverables:

  • Facilitating community-scale decarbonisation: behaviour, energy efficiency and low carbon energy. Visit my free Community Carbon Reduction Website.

  • Modeling cumulative and aggregate risk for exposure of EU children to perchlorate and other goitrogens. Download Paper 1 and Paper 2 published in the Journal of Environmental Protection, and Paper 3 published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

  • Assessing the UK cleantech and LCEGS sectors in Cambridge and Oxford areas, and development of a database of firms. Download the Cambridge or Oxfordshire report.

  • Analysing the effectiveness and feasibility of consumer-based policies for carbon reduction, including global trade. Download the Paper published in Climate Policy.

  • Providing a vision statement of sustainable cites for the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment. Download the Cities of the Future report.

  • Assessing the health benefits of mitigation strategies to reduce Pb in US drinking water supplies. Download the Paper published in AWWA Water Science.

  • Assessing the nature and scale of financial service opportunities related to the global clean energy market. Download Financing the Future of Energy.

  • Developing a methodology for Relative Health Indices for water utilities when faced with complex mixtures of contaminants. Download the initial Paper published in the Journal of Environmental Protection (the project continues through 2022)

  • Performing an international comparison of safe drinking water regulatory processes for reform of the US Safe Drinking Water Act. Download the full Report (there is also a short article in the Journal of the American Water Works Association, November 2021, 48-57).

  • Calculating the effect of spatial resolution of air pollution models on estimates of human health impacts for environmental policies in Taiwan. Download the Paper published in the Journal of Environmental Management.

  • Developing a Sustainability Planning Toolkit using Multi-Criteria Analysis for Abu Dhabi to assess the sustainability of alternative paths of development. Download the Model.

  • Assessing the role of zero carbon homes in the UK climate policy, for Homes England. Download the Paper published in the Cambridge University Land Society magazine (see pages 136-137).

  • Developing a computational model of the health and economic benefits of waterborne Pb mitigation strategies in homes. Download the Report and the Model.

  • Serving as Senior Advisor to the firm Genecon (London) on enhancing their institutional capacity to offer services related to economic development and green place-making in support of ESG ambitions of governments, businesses and communities. View the YouTube video.

A warm welcome to our new King, Charles III. He has been a global champion of sustainability for decades. His leadership on climate change has been essential in nudging the nation forward, and he has been a steadfast patron for such work at the University of Cambridge.