Cambridge Science and Policy Consulting is the private consultancy of Prof Douglas Crawford-Brown. We are located in San Diego (US) and Cambridge (UK). The consultancy has operated since 2001 with a focus on environmental risk assessment, policy analysis and climate risk reduction.

Prof Crawford-Brown is Director of the consultancy. He retired in 2016 as Director of the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research at the University of Cambridge. He is currently Emeritus Professor in Environmental Sciences and Policy at the University of North Carolina in the US, where he was Professor from 1982 to 2007 in Environmental Sciences and Policy and in Public Policy, and was founding Director of the Institute for the Environment. Since 2015 he has been International Visiting Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Visiting Professor of Doshisha University (Japan); and Lecturer at the University of Graz (Austria) Climate Policy College. He has served on multiple committees of the Science Advisory Board of the US Environmental Protection Agency; Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change (US); OFWAT Regulatory Futures Panel; HM Treasury Interdependent Infrastructure Expert Panel; UK Climate Change Risk Assessment panel; and RBS Innovation Gateway panel. He has advised governments and businesses on climate change, sustainability and environmental protection in the US, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, India, Taiwan, Japan, China, Mexico and France, including reviewing adaptation proposals for the GCF, UNEP, UNFCCC and governments.

His funded research has been through a wide variety of agencies, including the US Environmental Protection Agency, American Water Works Association, Water Research Foundation, US National Science Foundation, UK Natural Environment Research Council, UK Three Guineas Trust and European Union Horizon Programme.

Sean Crawford-Brown is business and events manager for the consultancy. His background is in business management and in organising events for the environmental and cleantech community. He has delivered such events in the UK, Japan and EU.


Analysing modeling by the USEPA of risks from Pb in US Drinking Water, for the American Water Works Association
Modeling cumulative and aggregate risk for perchlorate and other goitrogens, for the EU fertilizer industry
Training applicants to the Green Climate Fund on preliminary submissions for adaptation projects, for ECOLTD and University of Twente
Assessing the global transition to renewable energy for calculation of species loss, for the Cambridge Conservation Initiative
Assessing the cleantech sector in the Cambridge and Oxford (UK) areas, and development of a database of LCEGS and cleantech firms
Analysing the effectiveness and feasibility of consumer-based policies for carbon reduction, for the European Union
Assessing the health benefits of reduction of Pb in U.S. drinking water supplies, for the American Water Works Association
Assessing the potential scale of financial service opportunities related to the global clean energy market, for National Bank of Abu Dhabi
Quantifying the risks to investments by global corporations related to climate change potential in different world regions
Developing a methodology for Relative Health Indices for water utilities when faced with complex mixtures of contaminants
Developing a web-based system to support community scale carbon reduction projects in San Diego US and Cambridge UK
Performing an international comparison of safe drinking water regulatory processes for reform of the US Safe Drinking Water Act