Recent Projects

Analysing modeling by the USEPA of risks from Pb in US Drinking Water, for the American Water Works Association

Modeling cumulative and aggregate risk for perchlorate and other goitrogens, for the EU fertilizer industry

Training applicants to the Green Climate Fund on preliminary submissions for adaptation projects, for ECOLTD and University of Twente

Assessing the global transition to renewable energy for calculation of species loss, for the Cambridge Conservation Initiative

Assessing the cleantech sector in the Cambridge and Oxford (UK) areas, and development of a database of LCEGS and cleantech firms

Analysing the effectiveness and feasibility of consumer-based policies for carbon reduction, for the European Union

Assessing the health benefits of reduction of Pb in U.S. drinking water supplies, for the American Water Works Association

Assessing the potential scale of financial service opportunities related to the global clean energy market, for National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Quantifying the risks to investments by global corporations related to climate change potential in different world regions

Developing a methodology for Relative Health Indices for water utilities when faced with complex mixtures of contaminants

Developing a web-based system to support community scale carbon reduction projects in San Diego US and Cambridge UK

Cambridge Science and Policy Consulting is the private consultancy of Dr Douglas Crawford-Brown. The consultancy focuses on issues related to environmental protection, sustainability, climate change, and human health risk. 
The consultancy is located in San Diego, California in the USA, and in Cambridge in the UK, with additional annual stints in Japan and Austria. Services include:

1. Performing advanced science and policy research, especially on environmental risk
2. Assessing the sustainability of an organisation or community 
3. Identifying solutions (technological or behavioural) to improve that sustainability 
4. Identifying and supporting institutions required to deliver those solutions, considering both demand and delivery 
5. Facilitating introductions and interactions between the demand and delivery partners 
6. Supporting SMEs in engaging with these partners to become part of the delivery supply chain 
7. Conducting workshops to improve the institutional capacity of communities and organisations to deliver sustainability
8. Monitoring and assessing improved performance as solutions are put in place
9. Bringing the lessons learned to the wider world through publications, blogs etc


Dr. Douglas Crawford-Brown
is Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science and Policy at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, where he was founding Director of the UNC Institute for the Environment. He moved to the UK in 2007, becoming Director of the University of Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research and Professor in the Department of Land Economy. He retired in 2017 to focus on delivery of sustainability solutions globally, dividing his time between homes in San Diego, California and Cambridge, UK, with annual stints in Graz, Austria. 

He has more than 35 years of experience in all aspects of environmental, energy, climate change and sustainability work. This includes advanced research, education, policy advising and stakeholder engagement, with past projects involving partners in business, industry, government, academia and NGOs. He has served on a wide array of state, national and international committees and has provided advice and training in the US, UK, EU, France, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Japan, India, Mexico, Austria, Taiwan, Thailand and China. These public service activities include membership on the USEPA's National Pollution Prevention and Toxics Advisory Committee, National Drinking Water Advisory Committee, Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, and Endocrine Screening and Testing Advisory Committee; on the American Water Works Association Technical Advisory Workgroup; on the ILSI Expert Panel on Modeling Pesticide Concentrations in Water Supplies and the ILSI Committee on Aggregate Risk Assessment Issues in Surface and Groundwater Pesticide Contamination; on the UK's HM Treasury Engineering Interdependency Expert Group, the Climate Change Commission Climate Change Risk Assessment team and OFWAT's Regulatory Futures Panel; and on the International Commission on Radiological Protection Task Group on Age Dependent Metabolism and Dosimetry.

Sean Crawford-Brown
provides business management support to CSP Consulting. His background is in the management and development of marketing campaigns, website creation, management of events,

Events managed by Sean

Cambridge Retrofit community launch and annual community engagement and mobilization events in Cambridge UK

Meet the Buyers meetings for Cambridge Cleantech, with 100+ innovators and supply chain companies

European Union project final open presentations in Brussels, with 300+ participants

Knowledge sharing days between government, academics and the business sector for project development

Visits of Chinese delegations to Cambridge, arranging expert presentations on environmental, energy and sustainability topics
management of client/customer liaison and the handling of any outward and inward bound communications. He has worked for a host of local and international climate change/cleantech organisations as External Relations Manager. He has a strong focus on Cleantech issues. His specialties lie in environmental/low carbon technologies, and he has a thorough understanding of best practice in the built environment.