About us
If you want to know how you can help refugees in Cambridge, look at this document.

We are a group of volunteers, initially set-up by Citizens UK (www.refugees-welcome.org.uk), helping other organizations working within Cambridge to welcome refugees and those seeking asylum, fleeing persecution and war. We aim to positively influence public opinion on refugees, enabling the people of Cambridgeshire to volunteer their services and provisions to help those newly arrived in the area.


·      We are in close working relationship with the County Council, City Council, Cambridge Calais Refugee Action Group, Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum and City of Sanctuary. 

·      We collect donations and pledges of services, household goods, clothing and toys to add to the provision offered by the local council.

·      We inform faith groups, community groups, politicians and other influencers about the refugee crisis and engage them in our projects. Using conventional and social media channels, we campaign for the UK in general and Cambridgeshire in particular to be a safe haven for refugees.

·      We provide welcome packs to refugee families, including familiar food, warm clothing, toys and a welcome card.

·      We organize social events for refugee families in Cambridgeshire.

·      We liaise between the council and volunteer English teachers and translators.

·      We look for additional, privately owned properties, to add to the houses offered to refugee families.

·      We explore fostering opportunities for unaccompanied refugee and asylum seeking children.

·      We co-organize fund-raising events.

·      We support related campaigns run by students and staff at Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University.

Follow @CamRefugees and join our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cambridgerefugees/for regular updates.