Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign

Cambridge has always been ready and willing to welcome refugees in times of crisis. Offering sanctuary to those in need of refuge is a proud Cambridge tradition. We’re good at it, we always have been. This site has been set up to help members of the public to coordinate their activities and act together to show that Cambridge is a place which clearly says #CambridgeWelcomesRefugees

Latest News, 12/03/2019

CRRC is campaigning to reinstate the facility to take a driving test with assistance for those not fluent in English. Please see our campaign page for more details


100 Refugees resettled!

CRRC established itself as the organisation in Cambridge campaigning for the resettlement of refugees at the height of the refugee crisis in late 2015. The Government had set up a scheme for bringing up to 20,000 Syrian’s who had fled to neighbouring countries to the UK. A Government scheme to resettle a further 3000 vulnerable children and their families was later added to this commitment.

At the start of our campaign, we persuaded Cambridge City Council to agree to settle a minimum of 50 individual refugees in our city pledging our support.18 Months ago we reached that target. We were delighted that when we asked for that target to be increased to 100 the City Council agreed:…/city-council-half-way-ta…

Today, we are proud to announce that Cambridge has now met the renewed target of welcoming 100 individuals resettled under the Government schemes. This comprises of 21 families mainly from Syria but including vulnerable families from Iraq and Sudan. All have been resettled within Cambridge, or in the surrounding area.

CRRC supports the City Council team in a whole number of different ways and we are always looking for more volunteers to help with such things as befriending families, teaching English, helping with integration and employment and running social and cultural events. You can find out more about volunteering with us here:

CRRC also extends its assistance, services and support to any other asylum seeker or refugee and who finds themselves in Cambridge and have managed to help a number of other individuals and families not arriving through the Government resettlement route.

We Need Your Help

About Us

We are a group of volunteers, initially set-up by Citizens UK, helping other organizations working within Cambridge to welcome refugees and those seeking asylum, fleeing persecution and war. We aim to positively influence public opinion on refugees, enabling the people of Cambridgeshire to volunteer their services and provisions to help those newly arrived in the area.

Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign is a registered charity (CIO). Charity number in England and Wales: 1172836

  • We are in close working relationship with the County Council, City Council, Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group, Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum and Cambridge City of Sanctuary.
  • We collect donations and pledges of services, household goods, clothing and toys to add to the provision offered by the local council.
  • We inform faith groups, community groups, politicians and other influencers about the refugee crisis and engage them in our projects. Using conventional and social media channels, we campaign for the UK in general and Cambridgeshire in particular to be a safe haven for refugees.
  • We provide welcome packs to refugee families, including familiar food, warm clothing, toys and a welcome card.
  • We organize social events for refugee families in Cambridgeshire.
  • We liaise between the council and volunteer English teachers and translators.
  • We look for additional, privately owned properties, to add to the houses offered to refugee families.
  • We explore fostering opportunities for unaccompanied refugee and asylum seeking children.
  • We co-organize fund-raising events.
  • We support related campaigns run by students and staff at Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University.
  • We're calling on Cambridgeshire County Council to do more to help child refugees


Daniel Zeichner, MP of Cambridge

The Rt Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely

Julian Huppert, former MP of Cambridge:

"It is awful to see the plight of refugees fleeing persecution in Syria and elsewhere, and to see the lengths they will go to and risks they will take to escape. We are fortunate here in Cambridge and the UK to be able to help people desperately in need, and we have a moral obligation to help. I know people as open-minded and generous as so many in Cambridge are can act, and I hope we will act together to make a difference."

Rev Bridget Baguley, Curate at All Saints Church, Cottenham and All Saints Church, Rampton

Dr Aidan Van de Weyer, South Cambridgeshire District Councillor