Schedule & Calendar

Our Zen Planner Calendar has the most up-to-date schedule for the week, including any changes and cancelations.  Remember, all classes are drop-in, regardless of if you're a member with a bundle or not, and run on a continuous basis (i.e. we don't do sessions).

Here is a key to the colors in the calendar:
  • Blue:  CCG regular Classes
  • Brown:  CCG concurrent Open Gyms (with Classes)
  • Yellow:  CCG Clinics and special workshops
  • Purple:  Rec Team calendar (which you must be a member of in order to have access to the gym during these times)
  • Green:  Special Needs class and Special Olympics calendar
  • Grey:  CRLS Varsity Gymnastics Team practices, meets, and other meetings/events
  • Red:  MIT programming, like the MIT Gymnastics Club & MIT Cheerleading squad (i.e. these are closed practices only for their members)
  • Orange:  Privates Lessons/Appointments
  • Army Green/Grey:  Meets (both home and away) - including Rec Team, MIT, CRLS, and S.O.
  • White:  Other groups/events/reservations (i.e. like the BU Gymnastics Club practice time)
  • Black:  Gym Closures and cancellations
  • Pink:  Social/Event calendar - all are welcome, but note that these events rarely take place in the gym itself

Check our Facebook page and CCG Social Facebook group for more fun, social stuff.
Note: The CCG Social group is only for current participants in the gym - please do not ask to join if you've never been to the gym.

CCG Calendar:  Please do not register for classes from this screen, as you will miss crucial steps.  Please go to our Registration & Contact page to pre-register, which is required to participate. (Note: The Zen Planner calendar might not display properly on mobile devices. Please view on a regular computer/browser to ensure you can see the full schedule.)

To register for a class, please go to our Registration & Contact page, and follow all of the instructions.

Please visit our Private Lessons page for more information about scheduling Private Lessons.

You can add our Zen Planner Calendar to your own GoogleCalendar view!   
All you have to do is click on Add underneath Other calendars:.  Select Add by URL, and copy this address into the space:

It should pop up into your list of "Other calendars"!
(NOTE:  The way ZP exports its data to Google is not perfect.  Some of the problems are:
1. The Google Calendar version does not always update immediately with changes made to the ZP schedule.  It may take up to 24 hours for the Google Calendar to reflect the current schedule.  It's always best to check this website for the more up-to-date schedule.
2. The Google Calendar only shows the current month.  So all past events will disappear, and future events may not appear yet.
3. If there is a multi-day event, only the last day of the event gets displayed in the Google Calendar.
4. Once attendance for a class has been taken, the names of the people who attended will replace the name of the class in the calendar.)

Here is a worksheet of our base weekly schedule:
(NOTE:  All evening practices - Tuesdays & Thursdays - will have the MIT Gymnastics Club overlapping with us for a half hour from 7-7:30p to allow them to finish their full workout.)

CCG Schedule:

CCG Schedule

Here are links to the MIT schedules: MIT Rec Sports, and the MIT main calendar.