Getting Involved

Would you like to get more involved?  Great!  Here are several ways for you to become a bigger part of the CCG program:

Competing with Rec Team:  This is a new facet of our program, but we are continually growing.  Competing is a fun way to show off all that you've learned, as well as to help motivate you to get that next big skill!

Volunteering for the Special Needs Gymnastics Class:  We welcome having more volunteers to help out with this great program.  Volunteers help spot skills, keep a watchful eye around the gym, and encourage participants to excel!

Becoming Safety Staff:  Advanced gymnasts with some coaching experience are eligible to help cover Open Gyms as Safety Staff.  

Teaching CCG Classes/Workshops:  Experienced coaches are welcome to join our staff, to help cover Classes, or to teach new Classes, Private Lessons, or Workshops.

Joining the Advisory Board:  Everyone is welcome to join the AB to help provide feedback about how CCG runs.

Organizing Social Events:  We welcome your suggestions to help put together fun social things for our community to do.

Providing Admin Support:  CCG takes a fair amount of time and energy to run, and getting help with some of the administrative work is welcomed!

Please email if you're interested in any of these opportunities!