Registration & Contact

Everyone must pre-register with CCG in advance via our online Registration Form below before coming to the gym to be eligible for our Free Trial Class.  You will not be allowed into the facility under our group if you have not registered yet (and you will probably be asked to purchase a Day Pass from the MIT athletic facility for $15 - which is an additional fee on top of what you're paying to CCG).  Please pre-register as far in advance as possible, because registrations received less than 24 hours in advance may not get processed in time, and you cannot register once you get to the gym.  By filling out the below ZenPlanner webform, you will: be added to our database, sign our Waiver, and select which Class or Open Gym you plan to come in to for your Free Trial.  When your registration is received, your name will be added to the Access List for the facility (as we rent it from MIT), and then just be sure to bring a photo ID to show the MIT staff member at the entry turnstiles.

Once you have completed your registration the first time, you will never have to pre-register for a Class or Open Gym again (and in fact the system won't let you).  This is a one-time procedure.  If you haven't been to the gym in a long time, still please do not repeat the registration, as it will just generate duplicate entries in our database.  Please just send us an email to double check that you're still good to come in again.  Also, if you have to miss the Class or Open Gym you signed up for for your Free Trial, you can just show up to a different day and we can apply the Free Trial to that day instead (but you're welcome to notify us of the change if you want to, although it's not necessary).

Pre-Register with CCG ($10 - Everyone) and sign up for your Free Trial Class

Note: It is free to fill out and submit the form below, but you will be asked to pay the $10 CCG Insurance Fee when you arrive at the gym for your first class.  Also, please fill the form in properly, as you will be asked to correct any erroneous information when you get to the gym. (FYI, Date of Birth is in "mm/dd/yy" format, and "ICE" stands for "In Case of Emergency".)

When everything is completed, you are welcome to start coming into the gym for the appropriate level CCG Class or Open Gym.

NOTE:  If you are under 18 years old, you NEED to also have your parent/guardian's signature on a printed, hardcopy Waiver (in addition to the electronic Registration & Waiver Form above) before you will be allowed to participate.  Please click on above link to open the PDF, then you can print it, fill it out and sign it by hand, and then bring it in with you your first time in the gym.  You do not need to send it in before then.  However, if you forget, there are also copies in the gym you and your parent/guardian can fill out when you get there.  (Please print the CCG Registration & Waiver Form double-sided if possible.)

Thanks, and we'll see you in the gym!


You may contact us either by email:, or by phone: 617-895-6747.  You are welcome to call if you have questions (and to leave a message if you get the voicemail), however pre-registration must be done via the form above.  In general though, email is a MUCH better way to contact us!

Please allow several days for someone to get back to you.   We are a small non-profit, volunteer-run organization, and we can't always get back to you the same day with your urgent question.  And PLEASE review the site and the FAQ before emailing or calling!

Classes have a rolling admission, so you can start any time. We don't enroll set groups of people for specific sessions of classes.  We want to give you more flexibility than that.  Once you are on the Access List, you are welcome to come into any class you qualify for (i.e. you don't ever have to go through the registration process again).  The only catch is that there must be a minimum of 3 people showing up at a given practice wanting to take the class for the instructor to teach the class that day.  Since we are a non-profit program, we just can't afford to pay an instructor with less than 3 students paying for class.  If class is not being taught, then the instructor will stay as Safety Staff for Open Gym, and workout on her or his own, but is available for any questions and can provide some spotting assistance.  This is not a common occurrence, but this is the official policy.