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In order to register for our program, you must start by buying a membership with the AAU in order to be covered under our insurance, as CCG is an AAU Club.  No one will be allowed to participate in any Classes, Open Gyms, Private Lessons, or Rec Team practices until they have a current AAU membership (this includes Free Trials and Bundle Cards).  After you have obtained your AAU insurance, you will then need to pre-register with CCG directly to be eligible for a Free Trial Class, via our online Registration Form below.  

Once you have completed your registration the first time, you will never have to pre-register for a Class or Open Gym again (and in fact the system won't let you).  This is a one-time procedure.  Also, if you have to miss the Class or Open Gym you signed up for for your Free Trial, you can just show up to a different day and we can apply the Free Trial to that day instead.

Also, you MUST pre-register in advance before coming to the gym (also note that the AAU registration website does NOT work on a mobile device).  You will not be allowed into the facility if you have not registered yet.  You cannot register once you get to the gym.

AAU Memberships last for one fiscal year (i.e. 9/1 - 8/31), and must be renewed every September 1st thereafter to stay active in AAU programming.  Unfortunately, the AAU does not prorate their memberships for any fraction of the year.

[NOTE: If you are a Youth, and already have an AAU membership through a different sport club, then you can skip Step 1, and enter in your existing AAU Membership Number into the CCG Registration Form, along with the other club name.  You will then be added to our club roster as well -- unfortunately, this benefit is not available for Adult memberships in other AAU clubs.]

Please follow the below steps to complete your registration.  You will fall under either Step 1A -OR- Step 1B, depending upon if you can pay with a credit/debit card online or not.  Then EVERYONE must complete Step 2 one time (please do not repeat Step 2 if you are only renewing your AAU Membership for 2015-2016, as it will just generate duplicate entries in our database).

STEP 1: Register with the AAU ($14 -Youth, $24 - Adult)

STEP 1A: Purchase an AAU membership via online application 
(Everyone can now purchase their AAU Membership online - Youth, Adult, and International memberships - as long as you have a credit or debit card to make a payment on the website.)

1) Go to:, and click on the green Get a Membership section in the middle.  (You are welcome to create an account if you want to - the button to the right of the middle section, but it is not necessary.  However, it will come in handy when you need to renew next year.)

2) Click on either the second (blue) Non-Athlete or Adult Athlete Membership section, or the forth (green) International (Non-US) Membership section, which ever is applicable. [The first (green) Youth Athlete Membership section is only needed if you are registering multiple youths at the same time.]

3) On the Membership Application page:
          a) Who are you signing up? section: Select the appropriate radio button for either I am signing up for myself, or My child (Youth Athletes ONLY), or Someone else (Youth Athletes ONLY) [this should only be used if you are signing up a youth for whom you are the legal guardian of, but not necessarily the parent of]; and keep Athlete (Youth or Adult) selected in the As a: drop-down menu.
          b) Member Details - Who's Being Registered? section: Please fill in all the correct contact information for the participant.
          c) What type of membership? section: Select in the Program: drop-down menu either Youth Program or Adult Program, by the following age criteria:
               - Youth Program [the participant is a Youth (i.e. 11-19 years old, or won't be 20 years old by 8/31/2017], then select in the Sport: drop-down menu Gymnastics (as opposed to Gymnastics Freestyle), select in the Coverage: drop-down menu Regular (Extended (AB) is not necessary, as it is more expensive, and only needed if you're competing in non-AAU-sanctioned meets), and select in the Term: drop-down menu Option 1) EXPIRES ON 8/31/17 - $14.
               - Adult Program [the participant is an Adult (i.e. 20-99 years old, or will be 20 years old by 8/31/2017], then select in the Sport: drop-down menu Gymnastics - Only, select in the Coverage: drop-down menu Regular (it's the only one available), and select in the Term: drop-down menu Option 1) EXPIRES ON 8/31/17 - $24.
          d) Background Screening (Adult Members Only) section: Adult, U.S. citizen participants will fill in the necessary information to conduct a background screening, including checking off the box next to: I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and authorize AAU to request the background screening.  This is mandatory for all adult members, but does not appear on the Youth or Internationals application.  If you are applying for an International (Non-US) Membership, you may be contacted for your Passport or VISA number, and be charged an additional $21 for an international background screening.  More information about the AAU background screenings is available here:
          e) beRecruited section: Feel free to skip this, as it is not at all necessary.
          f) Are you a member of a club? section: Please select Yes, and then select Cambridge Community Gymnastics - WWDAA8 from the Select your club: drop-down menu, and the Enter your club code: field should fill in automatically with: WWDAA8 (CCG's 2016-2017 AAU Club Code).
    NOTE: If your home address is not in Massachusetts, the Select your club: drop-down box will not have CCG listed, as it is looking for clubs in your home state.  So you'll need to enter the Club Code manually into the Enter your club code: box.  
**Please note, this is not a "required field" on the AAU form, but it is necessary to have you covered under our insurance, so PLEASE MAKE SURE to associate yourself with CCG when filling it out!!**
          g) Terms and Conditions - Digital Signature section: Please check the box agreeing that you understand and agree to all terms and conditions listed.  Then fill out your name and click on the green Continue button at the bottom of the page.
NOTE: If you miss any part of this form, it will redirect you back to itself to complete it properly.  When it does this, it looses all of the "drop-down" information you selected the first time, so please review it carefully to make sure everything is filled out correctly.

4) The next screen should show your total purchase - one athlete membership ($14 for a Youth membership, and $24 for an Adult membership), so if you're finished adding athletes (you can add multiple athletes at a time if you have more than one person registering who you will pay for at the same time), click on the green Checkout button.

5) You are eligible to get a "free" T-Shirt from the AAU with the purchase of your membership, but you still have to pay the shipping and handling at $6.25/shirt.  Feel free to skip this, and just click the Click here to Checkout button.

6) On the Check Out: screen, enter in your Billing Information, which is a either a credit card or debit card, and submit your application by clicking the Continue button.

If you are a Youth member, you will receive an email right away with all your membership info.  If you are an Adult member, you will first get an email confirmation of your purchase right away, but then you will get another email with your AAU Membership ID: (an 8-digit alpha-numeric number) within about an hour or so (if it's during business hours, i.e. Mon-Fri 9a-5p, otherwise it may take till the next business day to process).  This is the information needed for your CCG Registration below in Step 2, NOT the purchase Confirmation # (a 12-digit alpha-numeric number, usually starting with the letter "V").  You now have the insurance coverage to participate in our program! 

STEP 1B: Purchase an AAU membership via mail-in application

If you don't want to (or can't) use the above online application to purchase your AAU membership, you may also fill out one of the forms below, and mail it in to the AAU along with your check payment.

Adults (with a U.S. SSN) please use the form: AAU Adult Athlete Individual Membership Application,
Non-U.S. citizen adults without an SSN, please use the form: AAU Adult INTERNATIONAL Athlete Individual Membership Application

Please note:  Using the mail-in forms will delay the processing of your application, and you will still not be allowed to participate until your membership is processed and you are issued your AAU Membership Number.  Please inform CCG staff if you are using this mail-in application, so that we will know to look for the membership when it is processed.

(All forms are also attached at the bottom of the page.)

STEP 2: Pre-Register with CCG ($10 - Everyone) and sign up for your Free Trial Class

You must fill out the webform below, in order to: be added to our database, confirm your AAU Membership with us, sign our Waiver, and select which Class or Open Gym you will come in to for your Free Trial.  When your registration is received, your name will be added to the Access List for the facility (as we rent it from MIT).  Please pre-register as far in advance as possible, because registrations received less than 24 hours in advance may not get processed in time, and you will then be asked to purchase a Day Pass from the MIT athletic facility for $15 (which is an additional fee on top of what you're paying to CCG).  

Note: It is free to fill out and submit the form below, but you will be asked to pay the $10 CCG Registration Fee when you arrive at the gym for your first class.  Also, please fill the form in properly, as you will be asked to correct any erroneous information when you get to the gym. (FYI, Date of Birth is in "mm/dd/yy" format.)

When everything is completed, you are welcome to start coming into the gym for the appropriate level CCG Class or Open Gym.

NOTE:  If you are under 18 years old, you NEED to also have your parent/guardian's signature on a printed, hardcopy Waiver (in addition to the electronic Registration Form above) before you will be allowed to participate.  It is also attached at the bottom of this page, for you to print, fill out, sign, and bring it in with you your first time.  You do not need to send it in before then.  However, if you forget, there are also copies in the gym you and your parent/guardian can fill out when you get there.  Please print the CCG Waiver form double-sided if possible.

Thanks, and we'll see you in the gym!


You may contact us either by email:, or by phone: 617-895-6747.  You are welcome to call if you have questions (and to leave a message if you get the voicemail), however pre-registration must be done via the form above.  In general though, email is a MUCH better way to contact us!

Please allow several days for someone to get back to you.   We are a small non-profit, volunteer-run organization, and we can't always get back to you the same day with your urgent question.  And PLEASE review the site and the FAQ before emailing or calling!

Classes have a rolling admission, so you can start any time. We don't enroll set groups of people for specific classes.  We want to give you more flexibility than that.  Once you are on the Access List, you are welcome to come into any class you qualify for (i.e. you don't ever have to go through the registration process again).  The only catch is that there must be a minimum of 3 people showing up at a given practice wanting to take the class for the instructor to teach the class that day.  Since we are a non-profit program, we just can't afford to pay an instructor with less than 3 students paying for class.  If class is not being taught, then the instructor will stay as Safety Staff for Open Gym, and workout on her or his own, but is available for any questions and can provide some spotting assistance.  This is not a common occurrence, but this is the official policy.

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