Rates & Fees

At CCG, we strive to provide you with both high quality, as well as affordable gymnastics, as it's important for us to keep the program financially accessible to members of the community.

Insurance, Registration, & Membership:

Insurance/AAU Membership:  We operate as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization through the AAU, who also provides us with our insurance. Therefore, EVERYONE must pay the AAU Membership/Insurance Fee through the AAU online before they are allowed to participate in any practices (Classes, Open Gyms, & Privates - including the Free Trial Class) so that they are covered under the insurance.
1. Adults (anyone who will be 21 years old before the end of the AAU membership year, i.e. 8/31): $24
2. Youth (anyone who will still be under 21 years by the end of the AAU membership year, i.e. 8/31): $14
Note: If you arrive at the gym and have not yet purchased an AAU Membership, we will not allow you participate until you do so.  Also be aware that AAU Membership must be renewed every 9/1, as the insurance coverage only lasts through the end of the membership year, and the AAU does not prorate their fees at all.

CCG Registration:  Everyone pays the same one-time $10 Registration Fee to register with CCG, however you won't have to pay it until you come into the gym for your Free Trial Class.

CCG Membership:  CCG Membership is an an optional fee you can pay to take advantage of numerous benefits:
a. Practice Bundles: Have access to purchase 10-pack bundles of Classes, Open Gyms, and Private Lessons, at a 20% discount.
Waived Credit Card Fees: Get credit card fees waived on all purchases ($1.50/transaction for non-members).
c. Online account management and RSVPing for practices: Login to your Zen Planner account online, and RSVP for Classes and Open Gyms, to help guarantee your spot and ensure class has enough people to be held.
Member email updates: Be added to the email listserv for periodic email updates, including announcements about last minute changes and closures.
e. Free birthday practices: Be eligible for a free workout (Class or Open Gym) on your birthday! (Since birthday gymnastics is the best, we will go one better and give you free birthday gymnastics! You can workout for free on either your actual birthday (if it falls on a gym day), or on an adjacent day if your birthday does not fall on a gym day (i.e. a Wednesday or a Friday). If you don't take advantage of it, you don't get to save your free birthday workout for another day.)

Memberships last one full year, and renew annually on your anniversary date of purchase.
1. Adults (non-students): $30
2. Students: $25

All classes have the same base rates, where there are four levels of price structure:

A. Adults:  Since we are primarily an adult gymnastics program, this is our primary group of participants.

B. Students:  Anyone in Middle School, High School, College, or Graduate School (i.e. you have no or limited income - this is not for someone taking one class on the side while they still work full-time) receives a 25% discount off the base price.

C. Preferred Group Members:  Preferred Groups are those that register with us in advance to be pre-approved (i.e. the group must be pre-existing, with at least eight members, and where the members pay dues to belong to the group).  Members of these groups receive a 20% discount off the base drop-in price after the group pays the CCG Croup Membership Fee of $45 (per year). In order to purchase bundles with the extra discount, individual group members must purchase individual CCG Memberships (see below for description).  Please contact us if you'd like to register your group with us.

Current Preferred Groups:
CCG staff & volunteers
CCG Rec Team
CRLS Varsity Gymnastics Team alum
MIT affiliates (staff & alums)
Harvard Cheerleading Squad
Northeastern Cheerleading Squad
Emerson Spirit Squad
Boston Circus Guild
Infinite Diving at MIT
Boston Area Diving (BAD)

D. Special Group Members:  Special Groups are those Preferred Groups that also qualify for another level of discount, like being a student group, so they receive the student discount on top of the Preferred Group discount, a total of a 40% discount.  All students in the Special Needs Gymnastics Class qualify for this rate.

Current Special Groups:
CCG coordinators
CCG Special Olympics students
CRLS Varsity Gymnastics Team
MIT Gymnastics Club
MIT Cheerleading Squad
BU Gymnastics Club
MetaMovements Dance Co.

Note: Any coaches that attend with their groups will need to purchase AAU Non-Athlete Memberships ($16) before being allowed on the gym floor.

After you have identified which level you are, you can then also receive further discounts:

1. Free Trial Class:  Because you never know if it's going to be a good fit or not, come check out a Class or Open Gym for free your first time in the gym.  However, you still have to pay the AAU Insurance fee ($24/$14), as well as the CCG Registration fee ($10), but then you get the class instruction for FREE!

2. Open Gym:  Once you have been approved to work independently (check the Open Gym page to see how you qualify), you can participate in the Open Gym workout on your own (i.e. without the structured instruction), and receive a 25% discount off of the base class price for your level.

3. Bundles:  After becoming a member of CCG by paying the CCG Membership Fee ($30/yr for Adults, $25/yr for Students), you get 20% off for pre-paying for bundles of 10 practices at a time (applies to Classes, Open Gyms, and Privates).  Bundle Cards can be used any day of the week, in any class (that you are qualified for).  You are welcome to buy both a Class and Open Gym bundle at the same time, so that you can use them as you wish.  If you just buy one of the bundles though, but want to do the other instead for one practice, then you need to pay the drop-in rate separately for that practice.  

**However, if you have a Class bundle, and the staff needs to cancel Class without warning (i.e. due to lack of students, or a sick instructor), and you have to do Open Gym, then it can still count as one of your bundled practices and you will receive a refund on the spot of the difference between the effective individual cost of a bundled Class and the effective individual cost of a bundled Open Gym (i.e. $4).

Bundle cards are non-refundable, but also don't expire (although you will need to renew your CCG Membership if you don't use it within one year to get back access to the remaining practices on the bundle card).

Please see the rate chart below for a summary of all our rates and fees, and to find your price level:

All payments are due at the beginning of practice.  Please bring all payments to the staff member (or check-in on the Attendance Kiosk on the tablet) before you begin your workout.

Cash, checks, and (now) credits cards are accepted (Mastercard and VISA only; sorry we don't accept Discover or American Express).

Non-members will be charged a credit card processing fee of $1.50 on all credit card purchases (i.e. paying for a single, drop-in Class or Open Gym, or the Registration Fee, on a credit card).

Please make all checks payable to "Cambridge Community Gymnastics" (or "CCG").  Receipts available (via email) upon request.

Gift Certificates are also available, and make a great gift for the adult gymnast in your life, or for the friend who would never try it out without a little incentive!  Please inquire via email.