Special Workshops

We have hosted a number of special workshops here at CCG, to further enhance our programming.  Workshops are open to the public, but people who have never participated in CCG programming before will need to pre-register in order to get covered by our insurance and to gain access to the MIT Athletics facility.

Here is a list of some past workshops we have hosted:

Sunday, August 29, 2010 - Warrior Bootcamp w/ Nathan Porter:  The Warrior Bootcamp is a day of seminars and workouts designed to keep you fit, and experiencing different martial arts.  Kid seminars are available on one half of the gym along with adults on the other creating a great family atmosphere.  Get a warrior workout and experience training in numerous martial arts! Receive instruction in Wushu, Kempo, Kali, Silat, Capoeira, Gymnastics, Jui-Jutsu, and general fitness.

Thursday, October 10, 2010 - Freestyle Acrobatics w/ Ido Portal:
In this workshop, the attendees will be exposed to a complete system that allows one to liberate himself from fears, and achieve freedom in spectacular acrobatics movements in the air - various back and front flips, twists, kicks, and turn-overs.  The class will begin with a special warm-up and joint preparation routine, worth alone the price of the tuition.  The demonstrated routines are a result of 15 years of experimentation with constant acrobatic training on hard surfaces. The protocols will build strong, resistant and bullet proof joints, soft tissues, and tendons.  The attendees will learn a whole system of break falling - as a prerequisite to the acrobatic practice.  This way, one basically gets rid of the fear of falling and crashing, by achieving perfect crashing skills, air awareness, and softness in air-to-ground contact.  After the break falling sequence, discussion, experimentation and practice, various acrobatic elements will be introduced in a safe, progressive manner.  Understanding of the proper sequencing of the elements learned and practiced, how to conduct a proper technical acrobatic training session, and other important aspects in such a field of practice.

Ido Portal is a Movement Artist with a background in capoeira, floreio arts, and gymnastics. He tours the country giving seminars and workshops on hand balancing, freestyle acrobatics, movement arts.  Demos of Ido's Freestyle Acrobatics and of Ido's Hand Balancing can be found on YouTube.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - Ido Portal Winter Workshop 3:  These acrobatics and balance workshops w/ Ido Portal will cover a wide range of Ido's teachings, depending upon participants:
1. Basic headstands, handstands, elbow lever position, L-sit and sequences that contain all of those. Basic bent arm and scapular strength development. Joint prep and mobility will also be incorporated.
2. Intermediate balance position - learning the tuck, pike and straddle swing-ups' to handstands, press-handstands, straddle-L development, one arm elbow levers, development of the planche and front lever positions, intermediate joint prep for elbows and shoulders. Heavy stretching and mobility for older/more rigid folks.
3. Advanced balance and strength - exploring the full Staddler press HS, moving on to adv-tuck and straddle Planche and F-lever positions, the full Back Lever, preparations for the one arm handstands, advanced body line drills, joint prep and mobility - opening up the hips and shoulders.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - Horton Technique & Flexibility Workshop w/ Anara Frank:  Take your gymnastics and dancing to a higher level by improving your condition, strength, and coordination of your body and mind!  Horton Technique is a way of understanding body movement in the most basic elements, allowing the student to adapt the fundamentals to any other type of movement. It focuses on body control and coordination, by weaving together strength with flexibility.  This workshop is open to all levels of students: from people with no previous Horton or stretch experience looking to learn basic stretching techniques, to professionally trained students looking to take their flexibility and control up a notch.  Registration will begin at 7:15p - so please arrive promptly. New people to CCG MUST pre-register in advance in order to gain access to the facility without having to purchase an MIT Athletics Day Pass ($15). This is done by RSVPing to this event, AND writing on the Wall that you are new to our gym.  Cost is $25 for people who are already members of the Cambridge Community Gymnastics (CCG), MetaMovements (MM), and Boston Dance Alliance (BDA) communities, and $30 for new members. (Remember, if you have never been to the CCG gym before, you still need to pre-register to get on the Access List!)  Anara will teach Horton Technique for the first hour and a half, from 7:30-9p, and then work more specifically on flexibility from 9-9:30p. More information about Horton is available here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lester_Horton#Technique

Please email if you have a request or an idea of a workshop you would like to host or see happen!