Open Gym

We are happy to offer Open Gym time for our participants.  You are free to work on all of the apparatus, however we caution you about the Trampoline (which should only be used by people who are experienced trampolinists, or for only very basic skills if you're not an advanced trampolinist).  There is always at least one Coach or Safety Staff present to monitor the gym, as well as to help you out if you have a question.  There are also usually 3-5 experienced gymnasts in the gym during most practices, and people are generally happy to give feedback - in fact sometimes it may even be unsolicited!  :)

You must be approved to participate in Open Gym - either by being an experienced gymnast or by taking Classes first.  We tend to err on the side of caution and safety, so we have put together very specific guidelines of who can participate in Open Gym and when.

Here is our policy regarding Open Gym participation:
  • If you're at least 18 years old, AND you've competed at at least USAG Level 6 [pre-2013] or Level 5 [post-2013] (or some other equivalent
    , i.e. Xcel Platinum or Diamond, PREP-Op Advanced, Boys Level 6, High School Varsity Team*
    , or NAIGC club
    ), you can participate in Open Gym your first time in the gym.  If you think you have the skill level to participate in Open Gym, but don't meet these requirements, please talk to coach when you arrive, as we are willing to consider special scenarios on a case-by-case basis.  However, please note that even high-level competitive cheerleaders will still need to start with a Class first - it will probably be an Advanced Class - but you will not be allowed to participate in Open Gym your first time in the gym if you were not also a competitive gymnast.  This also goes goes for high-level practitioners of other sports, like martial arts or parkour, that if you don't meet the competitive gymnastics requirement you still need to start in a Class first in order to get cleared for Open Gym.
    *Since there is a lot of variety in high school and NAIGC programs, you should still meet the basic skill levels of the specified USAG levels, but it's fine if your main method of competition was through a high school or NAIGC program.  (
    Here is a general description of the USAG Levels if you're curious.  Also, here are the USAG 
    2013-2021 J.O. Compulsory Illustrated Routines, the Levels 6-10 Optional Requirements Chart, and the Xcel Program Levels Requirements.)
  • If you're under the age of 18 years old (but still over the age of 12), OR you're over the age of 18 but you've never competed at at least USAG Level 6
     [pre-2013] or Level 5 [post-2013]
     (or the equivalent), then you must take at least one Intermediate Class in order to be cleared by the coach to participate in Open Gym.  (
    If you've competed gymnastics at all before, you can probably take an Intermediate Class your first time in the gym.  If you have some experience, but have never competed, you will probably need to take 2-3 Beginner Classes before being allowed to take an Intermediate Class.  And for total beginners, you will probably need to take at least 3-4 Beginner Classes before being allowed to take an Intermediate Class.)
  • If you're under the age of 12 years old, then you are never allowed to participate in Open Gym.  You are only allowed to take classes until you turn 12 years old.

Since safety is of course our primary concern for everyone in the gym, a Coach or Safety Staff will say something to you if they see you doing anything possibly unsafe.  While Open Gym is a time when participants can work out on their own, it is not an opportunity to try anything you want.  We expect people to know what skills and drills they can work on safely, and what they can't work on safely.  If there is any question about this, please ask the Coach or Safety Staff before attempting anything.  If the Coach or Safety Staff tells you to stop doing something they have deemed unsafe, then you are expected to heed their warning.  Three warnings and you're expelled for the rest of the practice (without refund).  Three expulsions and you're banned from the program.

Open Gyms

Open Gym:  This is the standard open gym workout that is available anytime we're in the gym for a Class.  

Tramp Time:  This is the time to come play on the trampoline with a certified coach.  This is not a structured class, and will count as an Open Gym price-wise, but there will be an experienced trampolinist on hand to help you improve your jumping skills.  

Other Proposed Open Gyms

Martial Artists Open Gym:  This is a special Open Gym time for martial artists to have use of the Floor.  Other people are welcome to still come in for a regular Open Gym work out, but you'll have to use the other equipment in the gym during this time.  This is the Open Gym time for you if the skills you're working on are not traditional gymnastics skills, i.e. martial arts, capoeira, or parkour -type skills, and this is the only time during the week when we allow people to come in and do those non-gymnastics yet acrobatic "tricks".  Martial artists are welcome to come to other Classes and Open Gyms, but only to work on actual gymnastics skills, not the other stuff.  This is for everyone's safety.