CCG Clinics

Clinics are a new type of programming at Cambridge Community Gymnastics, where students will have the opportunity to try out other aspects of gymnastics that they might not get the chance to otherwise during regular classes - including learning other events or apparatus, higher levels of focus on specific skills, key conditioning areas, as well as other valuable areas in gymnastics training.  They are essentially pre-scheduled group semi-private lessons, where you get specialized instruction in the pre-selected topic area for the day, but for only the cost of a Class, instead of having to schedule and pay for an actual private lesson.  It's a win-win!!

Topics, along with any necessary prerequisites, are announced as far in advance as possible, to allow for early planning and pre-registration (i.e. RSVPing in Zen Planner).  There will be a rotating schedule of topics and prerequisite levels, so that everyone gets a chance to find a Clinic they are both interested in and eligible for!

AGES:  All people 18+ years old are welcome to participate in Clinics, and people 12-17 years old may participate with permission of the instructor (please inquire for each Clinic you would like to attend).  People 11 years old and under will not be allowed to participate in CCG Clinics at this time.

COST:  Clinics cost the same as a Class, for all Pricing Levels, and can be paid for as either a Class Drop-in or with a Class Bundle Card if you have one - instead of having to pay the regular Private Lesson fee.  Credit card fees are waived for pre-registered, online sign-ups, as a benefit of pre-registration, but non-members who drop-in the day-of, not registered in advance, will be charged our standard Credit Card Fee of $1.50 for all credit or debit transactions.  All attendees also must have paid the current year $10 CCG Insurance Fee in order to participate (people new to CCG can either pay online in advance or in the gym the day of the Clinic).

PRE-REGISTRATION:  Pre-registration is done online, and is HIGHLY recommended.  There is a minimum of 4 people required to hold a Clinic, and a maximum of 12 people allowed to participate in any given Clinic.  If there are not at least 4 people pre-registered by 48 hours (i.e. 2 days) in advance, the Clinic may be canceled.  If the max enrollment is reached, then only members with current Class Bundles can register to get on the Waitlist [NOTE: The actual number of people pre-registered for the Clinic will be the number of people listed in the "CCG Clinic (Bundle)" calendar event, NOT the "CCG Clinic (Drop-in)" calendar event.]  Once the pre-registration hits its total max of 12 people, pre-registration for the "CCG Clinic (Drop-in)" calendar event will be closed (even if it looks like that event is not at full registration).

Class Bundle Card holders:  If you are a current member of CCG and you have a current Class Bundle Card, then go to the "CCG Clinic (Bundle)" calendar event, login to your Zen Planner account, and your class bundle should automatically appear as a way to reserve a spot for you in the Clinic (i.e. your "payment").  You can also cancel your reservation from this login page as well up till right before the Clinic starts if you have a Class Bundle Card.  However, if you ‘no call - no show’, you will not get back the missed class credit onto your Class Bundle Card.

Non-Class Bundle Card holders:  If you are not a current member of CCG, or if you are but don't have a current Class Bundle Card (Note: Open Gym Bundles will NOT work to reserve a spot in a Clinic), then go to the "CCG Clinic (Drop-in)" calendar event so you can pay the Drop-In fee for your Pricing Level to reserve your spot.  Just select the price that you will pay - either the Pricing Level A. Adults (Non-Students) $22.00, or the Pricing Level B. Students & Preferred Grp Members $17.50.  We will verify that you’ve paid the correct amount when you come in for the Clinic, so if you accidentally pay for the wrong Pricing Level, we will fix it during attendance the day of the Clinic.  If you need to cancel your reservation, please email us as soon as possible, as you cannot cancel online.  Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are non-refundable, but you will get a credit on your account to be used in the future for another Class or Clinic.  If you ‘no call - no show’, then you will not be eligible for a refund or a credit.

STRUCTURE:  Please arrive 10 minutes early to Clinics in order to be able to complete attendance before the actual start time.  Late arrivals may not be allowed to participate in the Clinic for the day.  There will be a 15-minute group warm-up together, followed by 45 minutes of instruction in the given topic area.  Please note, there is no Open Gym going on during the Clinic, and Clinic participants have uninterrupted access to the entire gym for the whole hour - part of the exclusivity of the value of the Clinic.  Clinic participants are welcome to attend any adjacent Classes or Open Gyms on the schedule (provided of course they meet the appropriate criteria for them), but they must be paid for separately, and are not included in the Clinic price.

SCHEDULE:  The primary time slot for Clinics will be on Sundays, from 3-4p, right before the usual Beginner Class & Open Gym, however Clinics may occasionally be scheduled on other days and times if there is interest and availability.  The primary Clinic instructor is CCG Head Coach Abbie Green, however there may also be guest instructors from time-to-time.  Please see the spreadsheet below for a master list of all scheduled Clinics (Note they are listed in reverse order, with next upcoming one highlighted in green).