Class Descriptions

We are proud to offer a wide variety Classes and Open Gyms to cater to various interests and needs.  Classes are structured instruction, taught by an accomplished coach, with progressions for every level.  We don't use pre-determined lesson plans, as our classes have a rolling admission, and therefore a different student attendance from week-to-week.  The instructor will teach the lesson that is appropriate to the attending students - i.e. we always review the needed basics, and give a lesson that is developmental for everyone there that day.

General Class Structure:
First 5 mins:  Registration and Attendance
0:05-0:10  5-minute Cardio and Plyometric Warm-Up
0:10-0:25  15-minute Guided Stretch
0:25-0:30  5-minute Pre-Conditioning routine
0:30-1:30  1-hour Structured Class - includes both group work and drill stations
1:30-1:45  15-minute Open Gym
1:45-1:55  10-minute Structured Conditioning and Strength
1:55-2:00  5-minute Guided Flexibility

Attached at the bottom is a PDF of the Warm-Ups, Stretch, and Strength routine we do in the Classes (just so you have an idea of what you're getting into... :) ).

Note:  Classes above the Beginner level will very often be able to warm-up and stretch on their own, as they do not need the guidance of the instructor in order to prepare their bodies for movement.  However please always feel free to ask the coach if you're not sure what you should be doing.

Please review the descriptions of the Classes we offer to determine which class level is right for your start in.  It's always better to underestimate your skill level and get "stuck" in a slightly easier class for you for one time, than to overestimate and find yourself in a class that is overwhelming.  Class progressions are about both skill level, AND speed at which the class is taught.

Adult Gymnastics Classes

Beginner Gymnastics Class:  This is a gymnastics class for first-time beginners - as in, "I've never done a forward roll before."  Anyone is welcome to attend, just know that we are working on the basics - drills like candle sticks, push-ups, lunges, jumping, and hollow body, and skills like forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, and bridges.  Everyone progresses at different rates, so some students will need to take more beginner lessons than others before they are ready to move to the next level class.  You have to start here if you've never taken any gymnastics classes before, and it's a good idea to start here if you've had some experience, but it was a long time ago.  This class moves at a relatively slow pace during the workout, to make sure everyone is able to keep up with the material.  Think, "Gymnastics 101"!

Intermediate Gymnastics Class:  This class is for intermediate level students, i.e. basically you can do forward rolls, backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and bridges with decent form and technique.  If these skills sound too difficult for you, or if you're not sure if you have good form and technique, then you should stick with the Beginner Class for now.  More advanced students are welcome to attend this class, but know that we will mostly be working on intermediate level skills, like handstand forward rolls, straight-arm backward rolls, pop cartwheels, round-offs, dive forward rolls, front walkovers, and back walkovers.  This class moves as a moderate pace, and will expect students to not need in depth instructions on beginner level skills.  This is a good class for people who maybe took a bunch of classes as a kid, but never competed, or have minimal competition experience.

Advanced Gymnastics Class:  This class is for students who are working on handsprings (front and back).  You will not be allowed to participate in this class if you are not at this approximate level - you do not need to be doing these skills on your own yet, but you do need to be legitimately working on them, because your intermediate level skills are so solid.  I.E. If your intermediate level skills do not have solid form and technique, you will be asked to go back to an Intermediate Class until those skills are stronger and more consistent.  Advanced Class works primarily on front and back handsprings, front and back tucks, and aerials, but also reviews round-offs, straight arm handstand forward rolls and back extension rolls, as well as more advanced handstands.  This is a good class for people who have competed a bunch before, but maybe just feel rusty after a long time off.  This class moves at a somewhat faster pace, and expects students to not need basic reminders about form and technique on beginner and intermediate level skills.  This is also the appropriate class to take if you're a high level gymnast, but are under 18, and have to start with one class first in order to get cleared for Open Gym.

Mixed Gymnastics Class:  This class is a mixed level class of beginners to advanced, however first-time beginners still need to start in the Beginner Class.  The coach assesses the overall skill level of attending students, and teaches an appropriate lesson for all.  It tends to be basically the same as the Intermediate Class, but with a little more variety.  This class moves at a moderate pace, and expects students maybe only need cursory instructions on beginner level skills.  This is a good class for people who have some experience, but feel unsure what level is the best fit for them.

Conditioning Class:  Get in shape gymnastics style!  After the standard 1/2 hour to get warmed-up and stretched first, we'll do an hour-long conditioning session where we'll only be doing conditioning type activities and no actual gymnastics.  This enables the class to be open to everyone, from people with no prior gymnastics or movement experience at all, to highly competitive gymnasts - we'll make sure everyone is given the progression that's right for them.  There are no pre-reqs for this class!  We'll cover everything from agility/coordination, speed, balance, strength (upper body, core, and lower body), endurance/cardio, plyometrics, flexibility, grace/rhythm, and more!  We'll mix it up every week, so you won't get bored.  After an hour of conditioning, there will be 15 mins. of Open Gym (like usual), but anyone who is not cleared for Open Gym yet will get supervised closely, and is only allowed to work on things covered in the Class itself.  Then we'll wrap things up with 15 mins. of flexibility.

Youth Gymnastics Classes

Youth aged 11 - 17 are welcome to join any of our Classes, for their appropriate skill level.  We highly encourage CRLS students who are interested joining the high school Varsity Gymnastics Team to come check out a Class before the season starts, and it's also a great way for other CPS elementary students to get introduced to the sport as well.  

Please note: There are no specialized "Youth Classes," so youth participating in our program will need to be comfortable with taking lessons alongside adults, who do comprise most of the participants in the program.

Other Proposed Classes

Apparatus Class:  This is the class where you can finally get on the other apparatus in the gym.  Since our other classes focus on floor and tumbling work, this class would allow students to get specific instruction on the equipment.  Men and women are both welcome to participate, and the class will make the rounds to both men's and women's apparatus.
Women's: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam
Men's: Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Still Rings, Pommel Horse

Partner Acro Class:  Partner Acrobatics covers a wide range of practices, including, acrobalance, adaggio, cheer stunting, sport acrobatics and acro yoga.  Beginning level tricks include airplane (like you do with a baby), standing on a partners thighs or standing on a partners shoulders.  Advanced tricks include complex multi-person pyramids and doing a handstand in a partner's hands.  The class has a greater emphasis on the standing tricks than L-base tricks (where you hold someone up with your feet while laying on your back).  This is an all age, all skill level class.  If you don't know what you are doing, you will be surprised by what your body can do.  If you know what you are doing, this is a good place to find others to work on those advanced tricks. The primary goal of this class is to find joy by exploring new ways to use our body and keeping our body in top physical shape and avoiding injuries. You will also learn how to trust your body and your partners.  Individual classes vary on the interest and skill level of the students. 

Gymnastics for Martial Artists Class:  This is a special class for anyone in the martial arts (capoeira, karate, wu-shu, parkour, etc.) to learn and practice the tricks to enhance your game, while not bogging you down with some of the classical gymnastics skills that don't pertain to you.  We will work primarily on handstands, cartwheels, aerials, gainers, jumps and kicks, and connections.  This is not a class for beginners though, even if you're an accomplished martial artist.  If you've never done gymnastics before, then you still need to start in the Beginner Class.  And then once you have the basics, you can start taking this specialized class.

High School Class:  This class is for all high school-aged students, but esp. for CRLS gymnasts to get in shape BEFORE the team season starts!

Middle School Class:  This is a class for younger students, ages 9 - 14 years old, to learn gymnastics with other students of the same age.

Gymnastics for Dancers Class:  This would be a special class for any and all dancers to learn gymnastics as it pertains to your art, and where you don't have to be intimidated by the other high-flying gymnasts in the gym.  We'll focus on poise, rhythm, balance, coordination, grace, technique, and more!

Nutrition & Environmental Group Meeting:  Want to get more involved?  Want to learn how to improve your own nutrition and environmental awareness?  Want to help others do the same?  We'd meet for 1 hour each week, alternating weeks between nutrition and environmentalism (so you can sign up for just one or the other, or both), and we'll talk about how to improve our own health, as well as the health of our community!

Please email the program info address if you're interested in any of these classes.  If we have enough interest, we may be able to add it into our schedule!

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