Benefits of Gymnastics

The benefits of gymnastics are so innumerous, it's hard to know where to begin.  As a basic description of the sport and how it works, Wikipedia does a good job of explaining, so I'll point you there first.  Here is both the general Wikipedia Gymnastics page, with an interesting history section, as well as the page about Artistic Gymnastics specifically.

For a child starting gymnastics, the sport provides an opportunity to learn developmental qualities such as coordination, balance, grace, rhythm, courage, focus, and socialization.  It also promotes the athletic qualities of endurance, strength, and flexibility, as well as of course safety and injury prevention.

For adults, all of these benefits still apply, but there is so much more.  Even though we don't have aspirations of some day going to the Olympics, we still want to be happy and healthy, and learning and participating in gymnastics does this for us.  

It is so hard to stay in shape as an adult - going to the gym is boring, repetitive, lonely, and expensive.  But gymnastics classes offer many motivations for adults to come to the gym: 

1)  It's fun.  It's just plain fun to flip around.  :)
2)  It's a great workout.  The coach will get your butt in gear with new ways of moving and challenging your body.
3)  It's a social experience.  With many other adults working out at the same time on the same skills, your time in the gym becomes a group experience, which is very supportive and inclusive.
4)  It's affordable.  We strive to keep our rates accessible to everyone in the community, so that no one is left out of the experience.

Working out for the pure sake of being in-shape works for some people, but most people need a more specific reason or goal. Gymnastics classes give that to you  ~  Want to do a handstand?  Well, you better work on your arm strength.  Want to do a glide kip?  Then your abs better be in peak form.  Want to do a standing back tuck?  You're going to need some powerful legs.  You'll find it's easy to keep coming back to the gym, because there's always another skill that you want to get!

And when you have a coach with you the whole time, you know there's always someone who will both support you as well as push you to achieve your goals.  It's like having the push of a personal trainer without the cost.

I hope you'll come try for yourself, and see how much gymnastics really is for people of ALL ages and abilities!