CRLS Varsity Gymnastics Team - 2016-2017

Welcome to the homepage for the CRLS Varsity Gymnastics Team!  This will be a place where team members and parents can come to check the current schedule, as well as get other useful information about the team.

The CRLS Varsity Gymnastics program is a co-ed "girls' gymnastics" team.  What that means is that we compete girls' gymnastics events as a sport, but since there is no boys' gymnastics counterpart program at CRLS, our team is open to both genders.  We actually have a long history of boys on our team, some of who have even qualified for, and won at, the State-level competitions.  The four girls' gymnastics events are: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor.  Athletes will compete on the events to which they are best suited.  We follow the National Federation of State High School Association's (NFHS) Girls Gymnastics rules, and our team has a finely honed system of routine documentation to help ensure gymnasts learn and memorize their routines.

Everyone is welcome to try-out for the team, from first-time beginners to advanced athletes.  We strive to include everyone, and not make cuts based on ability.  Fostering a strong sense of team and camaraderie is very important to us, and we welcome newcomers who bring a good attitude and work ethic.  That being said, we expect EVERYONE to work hard, and be a team player.  Students who have participated in other sports teams are welcome to come try gymnastics.

CRLS is now a member of the Dual County League (DCL), and we compete against the three other DCL schools with gymnastics teams - Acton-Boxborough (AB), Newton South (NS), and Westford Academy (WA) (with one home meet and one away meet against each school every season).  Here is a map of all the schools we compete against in our league.  We also try to schedule several other meets during the season against other schools, to get more competition experience, but these non-League meets do not count on our record for the season.  There is a season-end League meet with all the teams in our league (hosted in the past by CRLS at the MIT Gym, but this year will be at Westford Academy), which is a big, fun meet for everyone!  We have used this meet as a major fundraiser for the team in the past, so this year we will have to do other fundraising so supplement it.  Everyone, athletes and parents alike, are expected to pitch in to make fundraising a success.  We also participate in other FOCA fundraisers to help support the team (i.e. buying warm-ups and equipment, and paying for specialized instructors).

COMMUNICATION:  We will primarily use both email and Facebook to communicate with the current team members during the season, so everyone is asked to 1) ensure that the coaches have a current email address on file for you, 2) let the coaches know if you do not have a working email address so that other communication methods can be utilized for you, and 3) join the CRLS Gymnastics Team Facebook Group (a closed, private group only visible to the members of the group - athletes and parents are both welcome to join it) to help keep up-to-date all the progress in the gym.  Team members will also be provided with a Team Contact Info sheet at the beginning of season once the roster is finalized.

The gymnastics team also has a CRLS Varsity Gymnastics Team Facebook page, to help market and promote ourselves to friends and family, as well as a CRLS Athletics page, where you can learn more about the CRLS Athletics program in general.

Head Coach:
Assistant Coaches:
   Kara Grijalva
   Danny Tillinghast
   Jerri McMannis

Day Time: Where - Coaches (full coaches schedule TBA)
Mon 3-5p: MIT Gym - Abbie, Kara, Danny
Wed 3-5p: MIT Gym - Abbie, Kara, Danny
Thu 3-5p: MIT Gym - Abbie, Kara, Danny
Fri   3-5p: MIT Gym - Abbie, Kara, Danny
Sun 1-4p: MIT Gym - Abbie, Kara, Danny

Exceptions/Closures/Holidays PRACTICE SCHEDULE:
Day Date(s): Time @ Where
Sun 12/4 1:30-4p (warm-up 1:30-2p in Wrestling Room)
Sun 12/11 1:30-4p (warm-up 1:30-2p in Wrestling Room)
[Thu 12/15 - Mon 12/26: MIT Finals & Christmas - MIT Gym CLOSED]
Thu 12/15: 6:30-8p @ GAB Cambridge (arrive 6:15p)
Sat 12/17: 2-4p @ GAB Cambridge
Sun 12/18: 1-3p @ GAB Cambridge
Mon 12/19 - Thu 12/22: 6:30-8p @ GAB Cambridge (arrive 6:15p)
Mon 12/26: 1-3p @ GAB Cambridge
Tue 12/27 12-3p
Wed 12/28: 2-5p
Thu 12/29: 2-5p
[Fri 12/30 - Mon 1/2: New Year's weekend - MIT Gym CLOSED]
Fri 12/30: 1-3p @ GAB Cambridge
Mon 1/2: 1-3p @ GAB Cambridge
Mon 1/16: 2-5p (MLK Day)
Sun 2/12: 2-4p (day after DCLs)

Bold: Required practice
Italics: Break practice - not required (but HIGHLY recommended)
[Dark in Brackets]: MIT Gym closed
Light: Practice @ GAB Cambridge due to MIT Gym closed

2016-2017 CAPTAINS:
Team Captains:
   Natalie Ricardo
   Ra'Vonne Pierre
   Megan Kelliher

#. Day Date: Who @ Who - Away Bus/Home Set-Up, Meet Start-Done
A. Sun 1/8: Mock Meet - 1p, 2-4p
1. Wed 1/11: Westford Academy @ CRLS - 3:30p, 5:30-7:30p
2. Thu 1/12: CRLS @ Newton South - 4:45p, 7-9:30p (@ Newton North HS)
3. Wed 1/18: (Malden) @ CRLS - 3p, 5-6:30p
4. Fri 1/20: Acton-Boxborough CRLS - 3:30p, 5:30-7:30p
5. Mon 1/30: CRLS @ Westford Academy - 1:30p, 4-7p
6. Wed 2/1: CRLS @ Acton-Boxborough - 3:45p, 6:30-9:30p
7. Sun 2/5: Senior Super Bowl - 8a, 9:30a-1p (@ O'Leary's Gymnastics, Norton)
8. Wed 2/8: Newton South (& Bishop Fenwick) CRLS - 3:30p, 5:30-7:30p [Senior Night!]
9. Sat 2/11: DCL Championships, 12p, 3p-7p (@ Westford Academy)
B. Sun, 2/19: End-of-Season Showcase - 1p, 2:30-4p
10. Mon 2/20: Individual States -  
9a, Events
: 12:30p
(@ Tewksbury HS)
11. Sat 2/25: Sectionals - South: 9a, North: 2p (@ Hudson HS)
12. Sat 3/4: Team States - 5p (@ Algonquin HS)

Bold: Home meet
Light Italics: Non-meet/Fun meet
( ): Non-League opponent
Dark: League/Post-Season meet

(Other non-League meets may still be added.)

You can also check the Schedule Star website for meet information.

(PLEASE check the calendar below for varying week-to-week schedules!)
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