Questions / Answers

Is this a timed race?
This is a FUN race. You will not be timed, so there is no pressure to hurry.
Come bask in the colorful world we create for you.

What is the color made of?
The magical color powder we use is custom manufactured and produced right here in the United States. It is made from food grade quality cornstarch. It is non-toxic, is 100% safe! and also biodegradable.  As with any substance you will want to keep it out of your eyes and lungs. If you are overly sensitive, you may want to wear glasses or goggles for your eyes and use a bandana or dust mask for your mouth. if you suffer from asthma or have any other lung related restrictions, please take the necessary precaution as the corn starch may cause discomfort to those with certain conditions. 

How is the color administered along the course?
You will see smiling faces along the course whose main goal is to douse you in colorful powder to ensure that you look like you rain through a beautiful rainbow by the time you cross the finish line. 

Can I take pictures?
Of course! We do recommend if you bring a camara or phone keep it in a plastic bag to keep the dust out.

Is there an age limit?
There is NO age limit. EVERYONE is welcome to come have tons of colorful fun.  Just remember that anyone 6 and older needs to pay a registration fee.  Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome, although there are some hills along the route.  We do recommend that your kids are properly protected with sunglasses, and for toddlers and infants, maybe even something to cover their mouth  The powdered paint is non-toxic and made of corn starch, but it could irritate the small ones more. 

Are kids allowed?
YES, kids love to get colored!  All kids 5 and under are free with a paid adult, they unfortunately will not receive a race packet.  All kids under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. The waiver is included on the registration form or can be obtained and signed at the event. 

Can my family watch?
Most definitely they can come out to be a part of the craziest color day of your life! We will have powder packets available on a first come/first serve for everyone to purchase.  You may want to warn them though..they may not come away clean. 

Can I wear a costume?
Absolutely! We would love to see costumes! The whiter the better.

What time does the race begin?
The race begins at 9:00 am. We will be there at 7:00 am to begin registration. Arrive early so you have plenty of time to park and stretch.

Can I walk?
Of course! Just come out and have fun!

How do I volunteer?
If you would like to come out and help us, we would love to have you. Volunteers typically throw color on the participants, help with registration and help with clean up. Contact us at

Who does it benefit?
The run is being held by the Cambridge High School Girls Soccer team.

What's the cost and how do I register?
Visit the registration page on this website for that information.

Can I get a refund?
Sorry, no. Unfortunately it's impossible for us to offer refunds. You can still pick up your race packet. 

Can I pickup my race packet before race day?
We have no exact plans for that at this time. If we schedule an early pickup time we will be sure to let you know. We are asking for phone #s and email addresses on the registration form, so we will be able to contact you.

What is included in my race packet?
Your fun run race packet includes: Cambridge Color Craze white t-shirt, sunglasses, one color packet.  You MUST register register by May 31st to guarantee a race packet. 

What should I wear?
WHITE! You can wear whatever you want, but we suggest your white Cambridge Color Craze shirt! All the colors show up best on white.

Will the color ruin clothes or shoes?
The color does mostly wash out after the race. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. We suggest wearing items that you wouldn't mind getting colorful. If you would like to preserve the color in your t-shirt spray it with vinegar and iron it.  With continued washes the color will eventually come out.

Will the color get in my car?
Bring a towel or some plastic bags along and you'll be just fine.  However, if you do get some in your vehicle, it can be dusted away or vacuumed easily.

Can I run with my pet?
Sorry, no pets allowed.

How does the post-race color throw work?
At the finish, the crowd will be involved in a color throw to celebrate the grand finish of our event.  We provide one bag of color in your race packet and more packets can be purchased on race day.

What happens if there is bad weather?
A little rain won't stop the happiest 5k! It even makes the color brighter!  If there are major weather warnings check the event webpage or listen to the local radio for updates.