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1.  Joseph Camblin was born about 1739, perhaps in Ireland, and married Elendor Evans (or maybe Sarah Elendor Evans).  She was born about 1741, perhaps in Wales.  Joseph died 28 Jan 1831; Elendor died 12 Mar 1834, and they are buried at Lower Ten Mile Presbyterian Church in Amity, Pennsylvania.(1,2)
The birth order of their children is uncertain:(1,3)
11.  David Camblin, b. after 1770, d. after 1830, m. Sidney Evans
12.  George Camblin, b. 9 Apr 1780, d. 15 Aug 1861, m. Eleanor Llewellyn
13.  Robert Camblin (more to come from the web soon)
14.  Sarah Camblin, m. John Fix (or Fox or Fin)
15.  Joseph Camblin (unsubstantiated)
16.  daughter Camblin (unsubstantiated)
17.  daughter Camblin (unsubstantiated)

Sources (transcribed below):

1. Family bible & family tree info from Gail Clayton.
2. Tombstones, Amity Pennsylvania
3. Joseph Camblin Will record, Washington County, Pennsylvania
4. Other records (including census records, tax records, and deed records)
5. Ahnentafel chart from James Lisle circa 1900


A Camblin family tree relates that Joseph was from Ireland and Eleanor was from Wales.  They purchased land in Washington County Pennsylvania in 1786.

"                 CAMBLIN FAMILY HISTORY

               Francis Marion Camblin Lineage         May 8, 1981

 This writing is confined to information learned regarding the Camblin ancestors as they pertain to the Francis Marion Camblin lineage.

 The grave sites of my great-great-great-grandparents, Joseph and Eleanor Camblin, were located in the cemetery by the Lower Ten Mile Presbyterian Church, Amity, Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.  The tombstones indicate that Joseph died January 28, 1831, at age 92; and Eleanor, March 12, 1834, at age 93.  This would put their birth dates around 1739 and 1741, respectively.

                    Arrival in Pennsylvania

 It is not known when Joseph and Eleanor Camblin arrived in the United States.  (Unsubstantiated information is that they came from Ireland and Wales.)  Nor is it known when they arrived in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

 Washington County deed records,  Vol. 1T, page 95, show that, for 122 pounds ten shillings, a tract of land lying and being on the waters of ten Mile Creek, was conveyed to Joseph Camlin (sic) on August 16, 1786.
" ...
"From the above, the Joseph Camblin family was in Amwell township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, beginning at least in 1786.  In this regard, "Rural Reflections of Amwell Township" indicates that, in 1773, twenty families left their native homes in Morris County, New Jersey.  Others came from adjoining Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Records of both of these areas were checked, but nothing turned up as to Joseph Camblin.
" ...
"The census of 1790 listed the head of the family and tabulated the family members under the categories of (1) males 16 and over, (2) males under 16 years, and (3) females.  The Joseph Campbell listed shows six family members, consisting of two males over 16; two males under 16; and two females.  This breakdown could represent:
    Males over 16    Joseph and son David
    Males under 16   Sons George and Robert
    Females          Eleanor (Joseph's wife) and daughter Sarah
" ...
"The 1800 census shows a Joseph Camblin and a Robert Camblin, both of Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

 The 1810 census shows a George Camblin in Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.  A Joseph Camblin is listed in Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

 The 1820 census shows Enoch Camblin (Joseph's grandson) and Joseph Camblen, both in Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

 The names of Joseph, his sons Robert, David, and George, and the grandson Enoch do not appear in the 1830 nor later Washington County, Pennsylvania, census records.

 Although David Camblin shows up very little in Pennsylvania records, a further record was subsequently found in Indiana.  according to biographical sketches in the "History of Grant County, Indiana (1886)," pages 895-6, David Camblin was a native of Ireland, and from thence immigrated to the State of Pennsylvania along with his parents, Joseph and Eleanor Camblin, in a very early day.  He (David) was married to Sidney Evans and, subsequently, moved to the State of Ohio, where he afterward resided a greater part of his life.

 The biographical sketch goes on to state that David's son, Enoch E. Camblin, was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, on February 7, 1793.  According to the write-up, Enoch was united in marriage to Margaret Barrick on July 9, 1815, in Columbiana County, Ohio.
" ...
"The lower Ten Mile Presbyterian Church is located in the village of Amity, Pennsylvania, about six miles south of Washington, Pennsylvania.

 Through inquiry in Amity, it was learned that old church records had been given to Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, Pennsylvania.

 These sketchy records, dating back into the 1790's, showed Joseph and Eleanor as among a list of communicants in 1818.  Actually, Joseph had been a member of this church for many years before -- minutes of the Session's meeting on August 20, 1797, referred to him.

 Opposite Joseph's name in the 1818 list is "Died 1828"; opposite Eleanor's name is "Died 1830."  These dates conflict with those on their tombstones.
" ...
"The Lower Ten Mile Church, although started some years before, really dates from 1777 when the Rev. Thaddeus Dodd came to the area and, after formal organization in 1781, had charge until his death on May 20, 1793.
" ...
"... Enoch and his wife, Margaret, sold the plantation, containing 117 acres and 15 perches, on March 31, 1835, for $950.00, to Jacob Miller.
" ...
"The Camblin name was found variously under Camlin, Camblen, Cambling, Camilin, Campbell, and Camwell.
" ...
"Enoch E. Camblin, Sr., and his family apparently left Pennsylvania after the plantation was sold on March 31, 1835.  The Guernsey County Court House records, in Cambridge, Ohio, show that he purchased 160 acres on April 14, 1835.  The property was sold on November 9, 1838.
" ...
"According to the above Bible record, the first person to be buried in the Doyle Cemetery was Enoch E. Camblin, a veteran of the War of 1812.this Bible record further notes that a tombstone in the cemetery shows that Enoch e. Camblin died May 24, 1839, aged forty-seven years.  Other inscriptions show:   Margaret (wife),  April 19, 1879, aged 86 y. 6 m. 23 d.


"           In Memory of                     In Memory of
            Joseph Camblin                   Eleanor Camblin
         Who departed this life           Who departed this life
            January 28h 1831                 March 12th 1834 aged
            Aged 92 years                    93 years 5 months
Ten Mile Presbyterian Church, Amity, Pennsylvania
also in Rural Reflections of Amwell Township, volume 3 pages 16 & 17.

"WILL OF JOSEPH  |  In the name of God Amen, Joseph Camblin of Amwell

                 |  Township Washington County & State of Pennsylvania
 CAMBLIN  DECD   |  being in a low state of health, but sound in mind
                 |  memory and judgment, but knowing the uncertainty of life and that all are born to die have thought proper to make my last will and testament in manner and from following, first I will and bequeath my soul to God who gave it and my body to the dust to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner. Secondly I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Elendor the use of my plantation during her life and all my house hold furniture and one cow to be at her disposal.  Thirdly I will and bequeath to my son George Camblin fifty dollars in addition to what I have already given him in one year after my death,  Fourthly I will and bequeath to my son Robert Camblin two hundred dollars in addition to what I have already given him payable in one year after my death.  Fifthly I will and bequeath to my daughter Sarah now married to John Fin the obligation I hold on him, sixthly I will and bequeath to my son David Camblin ten dollars in addition to what I have already given him  Seventhly I will and bequeath  to my grand son Enoch E Camblin now living with me the plantation whereon I now live adjoining lands of Jacob Peck, John Axstell and others after the death of my wife, the land to be subject to the payment of the above legacies, I also will and bequeath to my grand son Enoch E Camblin all debts that may be coming to me after my death,  Eightly I do nominate Constitute and appoint Enoch E Camblin and my beloved wife Elendor my Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking and disanuling all other wills by me made.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 12th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight.
                                          Joseph      Camblin   (Seal)
file #135  Jan. 7, 1832

Will Book volume 4, page 635; Washington, Pennsylvania courthouse


" An Inventory and Appraisement of the personal property of Joseph Camblin late of Amwell Township Washington County, Pennsylvania  Decd. the 25th day of January 1832

 One Cow                                10.00
 One Bed and Beding & Bed Stead         11.00
 One Bed and Beding                     10.00
" ...
"One Old Bible & old Himn Book           0.75
" ...
Accounts, file C #38 1835; Washington, Pennsylvania courthouse

"Received of Enoch Camblin ten Dollars, a Legacy Willed by Joseph Camblin deceased, to George Camblin son of Joseph Camblin, Received by me, February 2nd, 1832  }    George Camblin

original receipts in file of Probate case #
Joseph Camblin  m 1@ 16-26, 1 over 45;    f 1@ 10-16, 1 over 45
Robert Camblin  m 2 under 10, 1@ 16-26; f 1 under 10, 1@ 16-26

1800 U.S. census; Washington county, Pennsylvania; Amwell township; page 10

Camlin, Joseph

1810 U.S. census; Washington county, Pennsylvania; Amwell township; page 640

Amwell township tax records for 1794 show Joseph Camwill and David Camblin
Camblin, Joseph  200 acres one house two horses 3 cows
       , David   100 acres one house one horse  2 cows
       , Robert                                 1 cow
1796 tax records
Joseph  Camblin
Robt    Camblin  carp
Danl    Dod
Francis Luallen
Henry   Luallen

Washington township; Mary Dodd, wid

West Bethelem "    ;  Philip Luellin;  Zadock Luellin (single)
Canton        "    ;  Saml Lewallen
Finley        "    ;  Sarah Camble  wvr

1800 Taxables; Washington county, Pennsylvania; Amwell township

1804 Joseph Camblin, George Camblin
Deeds  John Dodd at Washington county in 1783;  Charles Dodd in 1784;

Grantee Index 2, page 920;

        John Riddle granted land on Ten Mile Creek to Joseph Camlin
volume 1T page 95;
        signed Aug 16, 1786; filed May 25, 1805; cost 122 pounds, 10 shillings

Penna Commonwealth granted title to Joseph Camblin on Sept 9, 1805

volume 323 page 365 ??  ?? Amwell reclaimed Patent ??

Recorder of Deeds; Washington county, Pennsylvania

I have a note that Joseph's wife was Sarah Elanor Evans per Wanda Whitman ?? and another note that the couple had three more children, a son Joseph and two more daughters.

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