Community Health
Community Health takes into account the tangible and intangible characteristics of the community--its formal and informal networks and support systems, its norms and cultural nuances, and its institutions, politics, and belief systems. (National Association of County and City Health Officials)

  Health education volunteering at the Men's Overnight Shelter in Berkeley, Gardening with People's Grocery to promote healthy eating in West Oakland, PartySafe @ Cal, Health Fair at an elementary school and at UC Berkeley, volunteer for "Befriend a Family" project at Ronald McDonald House or at Covenant Food Pantry

Committee Chair  Raphael Bernabe

    Tuesdays from 7-8 PM @ 202 Wheeler


Environmental Health
Environmental Health protects against environmental factors that may adversely impact human health or the ecological balances essential to long-term human health and environmental quality.
(American Public Health Association)

The Berkeley Project, Health Fair with Community Health Committee, Spruce Up Memorial Gardens in SF, Clean Up Oakland Zoo, fundraise to donate to oil spill in the Gulf, continue with Indoor Air Quality presentations, assist EHI Asthma Committee

Committee Chair 
 Brian Kong

Thursdays from 8-9 PM @ 262 Dwinelle

Health Policy & Advocacy
Health Policy includes statements, policies, or prevailing practices imposed by those in authority to guide or control institutional or community behavior. Health advocacy influences such policy through various forms of persuasive communication. (John Hopkins School of Public Health)

Projects  Luncheons/discussions with individuals in the field; research, disseminate knowledge, and advocate for local, state, and national bills; conduct house letter writing and calling parties; work with Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals (CCMP) to promote low-income workers' rights to health care and get hands on experience working with physicians and patients

Committee Chair  Hannah Conforti

    Mondays from 1-2 PM @ 110MC Bechtel Engineering Center (Library)

International Health
International Health includes all fields of public health and focuses primarily on the health problems of low- and middle-income countries (sometimes known as developing countries).
(American Public Health Association)

Projects  The 5K Nutty Run/Walk; Pakistan Flooding Food Drive; AIDS Week panel, movie screening, and bead sale; lab visit with Public Health Infectious Diseases Professor; Study Abroad Informational Night; attending presentations at UCSF Bixby Center

Committee Chair  Amisha Singh

Meetings    Thursdays from 8-9 PM @ 262 Dwinelle

The Public Health Advocate  UC Berkeley's premier undergraduate public health publication. Established in 2005, we have been dedicated to bringing about awareness in community, environmental, and international health, as well as health policy.

In close collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health and the Undergraduate Public Health Coalition, The Public Health Advocate is a publication that focuses on bringing about public health awareness within the local and national community. Issues are made available to the campus community biannually and are distributed locally upon request. All issues of the publication are currently preserved in the UC Berkeley Archives. 
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f  Kristina Byers


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