Looking for a health-related internship to boost that resume? Want a chance to establish relationships with faculty and other health professionals? Not sure how to apply for the Public Health major, or worried that you won't get in because it's capped? Or are you just clueless about what to do with your life? (Join the club.) If so, you're in the right place because we have questions for your burning answers. Wait, what?

            This site will give you a glimpse of who we of Cal UPHC are, our past accomplishments, what we have planned for you all this year, and ways for you to get involved! Be sure to utilize the resources in the right sidebar, and feel free to contact us should you have any questions!

Exec board of '12-'13 introducing the event TOXINS: What's in YOUR body?, where students learned about environmental health hazards from associate toxicologist Dr. Laurel Plummer.
Part of the Community Health committee making sandwiches for the homeless.

And now, a message from the site editor:

Welcome, and many thanks for your interest in our club! All of our great events are specifically designed to help you carpe that diem during your years at Cal. Among other goals, we hope to inspire you all to pursue a career in Health - whether it's doing research at the CDC, teaching maternal health in a developing country, or making health policy decisions that affect millions of lives. At the very least, you'll leave with a greater understanding of public health's enormous impact on your daily life. If not even that, you'll gain some new friends. And if not even that (because you're slightly socially awkward), you can take a break from the poor college student staple Ramen because we provide snacks at every event.

If any of the aforementioned still peaks your interest after you're done browsing, come out to meet the executive board and continuing/prospective club members at the (Re)Intro to UPHC meeting on Thursday, January 30th at 215 Dwinelle at 7PM, where you'll get your first taste of Cal UPHC.

Have a great Spring semester and float on, Bears.

 TL;DR --- We are a Public Health group on UC Berkeley campus. JOIN US!


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Professionals Dinner!