UNICEF: Awareness of Children in the Developing World

About the Course:

Course Format:

Each class will include a lecture administered by a course facilitator, accompanied by visual aids and group discussion. There will be guest speakers for some class periods. Supplemental videos may also be shown. For some classes, students may be emailed current news articles relevant to the topic to be discussed and asked to read them before coming to class.


Course Content:

The course will be divided into five parts:

1)    Understanding the UN and UNICEF and their placement in the world and development economics

2)    Nutrition, Public Health and Sanitation

3)    Education, Gender Equality, Rights of the Child, Juvenile Justice

4)    Child Trafficking, Child Labor, Sexual Exploitation

5)    The effect of both natural and man-made conflict on the child: Genocide, Refugee Camps, Child Soldiering


Homework Component:

·       Complete “The State of the World’s Children 2011” take-home quiz 

·       Complete a three page (double-spaced) final paper. This will be an individual mini-research project on a developing country of your choice. Your paper should focus on either

1) the public health issues facing the children of that country or

2) the violation of right Rights of the Child within that country (this would include, but not be limited to, violations such as child soldiering, child labor, sexual exploitation, a delinquent juvenile justice system, etc.) Additionally, your paper should address UNICEF’s role in solving these problems, and your own evaluation of their success in doing so. Papers should cite at least three credible sources and may focus on a topic not addressed in class lectures. A handout explaining this assignment in more detail will be given out later.




·       Weekly Class Attendance. Students may miss no more than two lectures. Under extreme circumstances, a third missed class may be excused by attending a UNICEF club meeting (but this exemption can only be utilized once).

·       Complete “The State of the World’s Children” take-home quiz with a score of 70% or above

·       Complete the final paper


To receive a “Pass”, students must meet all of the above criteria.


Course Materials:

It may be necessary to purchase a reader for this course (TBA). To complete the take-home quiz, “The State of the World’s Children 2011” must be downloaded (for free, in PDF format) at:




How to Enroll:

Applications will be distributed the first day of class as enrollment space is limited.

All who are interested in the class should show up at 5pm in 56 Barrows on the first day of class (08/29) to receive an application. Applications will be processed by the facilitators the first week of class and those accepted into the class will be notified by email prior to the next class date (09/12).

Course Contact: sahar_2012@berkeley.edu



Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Barbara Abrams

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