About us

Welcome to the Caltech math club's webpage! In the past we have been primarily dedicated to organizing a series of student-given talks that contain mathematical content. The goal of this undergraduate math seminar is to enrich coursework by having students give a presentation on a topic that, broadly speaking, the individual finds mathematically interesting. This includes specific areas of current research that the students are interested in, as well as specific problems in math that perhaps require interesting techniques to solve. We also hope to inspire students, who are interested in mathematics or are otherwise excited about a particular problem in math, to expand upon those interests by preparing a talk on the subject. 

Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, we will also organize a seminar series where graduate students, visiting professors, and emeriti give talks to, or hold Q&A sessions with, the math club. 

Various resources for undergraduates may be posted on this site. These will include information about math outreach programs that are run by members of the math club, tips for applying to graduate schools, and links to mathematical blogs by undergraduates, graduate students, and famous mathematicians. 

Interested in giving a talk? Don't quite know how to prepare a talk? Feel free to contact Felix Weilacher or Tynan Ochse (information under the 'Contact us' page). We will be happy to give you advice and/or hold practice talks before the official seminar date!

To sign up for math club and to subscribe to the math club email list, use this link https://lists.caltech.edu/listinfo/mathclub and follow the instructions. Being on the email list means that you will receive updates and reminders about upcoming math club events. For the student seminar series, these emails will also include instructions on how to specify your food order (usually pizza, and at no charge to math club members). 
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