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Dr. Howard (Ho Wai) Lee (DHL)
Assistant Professor                                                                        Tel: +1 (254) 710 2277
Department of Physics                                                                  Email:
Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC)               Google Scholar ID: Ho Wai Howard Lee
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Texas, United States (Link)                                                            ResearchGate: Howard Lee
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Texas A&M University
Texas, United States (Link)

We are currently looking for one Postdoctoral Research Associate focusing research on Nonlinear Nanophotonics (Metasurfaces, Plasmonics, Zero-index Optics). Please send Dr. Lee an email with your CV and interests if you are interested in the position ( (April 2017) (post)

We are looking for highly motivated PhDs to join our group in active plasmonics/metasurfaces, bio-photonics, microstructured fiber-optics, and photonic/plasmonic integrated nanocircuits research. Undergraduate researcher and visiting scientist are also welcome. Please send Dr. Lee an email if you are interested in these positions. ( (open positions)

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Howard Lee is currently an Assistant Professor at Baylor University and IQSE Fellow at Texas A&M. He was a postdoc fellow in Harry Atwater's group at Caltech from 2012-2015. He received my Ph.D. degrees in Physics from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Philip Russell [2015 president of the Optical Society of America (OSA)]. 

Our research focuses on developing new techniques, including novel active materials and nanostructures, to control the interaction between light and matter at the nanometer length-scale, and to study emergent optical phenomena of novel nanophotonic components. Specific research interests lie in the physics, nanoscale material sciences and device engineering of nano-optics, plasmonics, metamaterials/metasurfaces and photonic crystal fiber optics.

Selected Publications

Y. W. Huang*, H. W. Lee*, R. Sokhoyan, K. Thyagarajan, R. Pala, S. Han, D. P. Tsai, and H. A. Atwater, “Gate-tunable conducting oxide metasurfaces,” Nano Lett. (2016)  (link).

H. W. Lee
, G. Papadakis, S. P. Burgos, K. Chander, A.         Kriesch, R. Pala, U. Peschel and H. A. Atwater, “Nanoscale conducting oxide plasMOStor,” Nano Lett. 14, 6463-6468 (2014). (link)

S. P. Burgos*, H. W. Lee*, E. Feigenbaum, R. M. Briggs and H. A. Atwater, “Synthesis and Characterization of Plasmonic Resonant Guided Wave Networks,” Nano Lett. 14, 3284-3292 (2014) (*Equal author contribution). (link)

H. W. Lee, M. A. Schmidt and P. St.J. Russell, “Excitation of a nanowire "molecule" in gold-filled photonic crystal fiber,” Opt. Lett. 37, 2946-2948 (2012). (link)                             (Highlighted in vol. 6, p.501 Nature Photonics “Metal-filled fibres”)

G. K. L. Wong, M. S. Kang, H. W. Lee, F. Biancalana, C. Conti, T. Weiss and P. St.J. Russell, “Orbital angular momentum resonances in helically twisted photonic crystal fiber,” Science 337, 446-449 (2012). (link)   (Highlighted in Laser focus world, and

H. W. Lee et al., “Polarization-dependent coupling to plasmon modes on submicron gold wire in photonic crystal fiber,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 111102 (2008). (link)                                           (Highlighted in Vol. 18, Iss. 13 Virtual Journal for Nanoscale science and Technology)


May 2017
Howard is selected for the Baylor Young Investigator Development Award ! 
March 2017
Welcome Jinqiannan joins us as visiting scientist from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
March 2017
Two of our papers on LIBS are published in Optics Express and Journal of Modern Optics. Congrats to Jeremy!
Jan 2017
Howard gave an invited talk and organized a session in nanostructured optical fiber in PQE 2017
November 2016
Dr. Satyendra Kumar Mishra from City University of Hong Kong joined us as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Welcome Satyendra!
September 2016
Our recent paper on "Gate-tunable conducting oxide metasurfaces,” is published in Nano Lett. (link)
August 2016
Howard is invited to serve as Guest Editor for IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics and  Applied Physics A
August 2016
Howard is awarded for Proposal Development Award at Baylor.
August 2016
Welcome Long Tao to join us as PhD candidate from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
July 2016
Dr. Oleksiy Anopchenko from University of Roma joined us as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Welcome Oleksiy!
June 2016
Dr. Conrad Rizal from University of Victoria joined us as a Visiting Scientist. Welcome Conrad!
June 2016
Jesse Watters joined us as an undergraduate researcher, he will work on summer research and senior thesis in our group. Welcome Jesse!
April 2016
Howard is invited to serve as Editorial Board for Advanced Electromagnetics Journal.