Lee Nano-optics Lab

Lee Nano-optics Lab is moving to UC Irvine. Our labs will be located at the new UCI Beall Applied Innovation building and Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building at UCI.
We are currently looking for highly motivated postdocs and PhDs to join our group (details). Applicants who are interested in the positions and opportunities should send a CV and their research interests to Prof. Howard Lee (Howardhw.lee@uci.edu).

Prof. Howard (Ho Wai) Lee
Associate Professor                                                                        Email: Howardhw.lee@uci.edu
Department of Physics & Astronomy; (Link)                                Google Scholar ID: Ho Wai Howard Lee
Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic; (Link)                     Linkedin: Howard Lee
Convergence Optical Sciences Initiative                                     OSA Optical Material Studies Group: OM group
University of California, Irvine                                                      OSA Continuum Journal: Continuum
United States                                                                       
Visiting Faculty                                                                       
Department of Physics                                                                  
Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC)               
Baylor University                                                                           
Texas, United States (Link)                                                            
IQSE Fellow and Visiting Professor                                               
The Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering               
Texas A&M University
Texas, United States (Link)

2020 SPIE Rising Researcher
2020 Baylor Outstanding Professor
2019 DARPA Director Fellowship
2018 NSF CAREER Award
2018 Baylor Young Investigator Award
2018 OSA Ambassador
2017 DARPA Young Faculty Award
2017 APS Robert S. Hyer Award

Associate Editor, OSA Continuum
Associate Editor, Scientific Report



Howard Lee is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC Irvine. Before joining UCI, he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at Baylor University and IQSE Fellow and visiting professor in the Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering (IQSE) at TexasA&M. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Caltech, working with Prof. Harry Atwater in active plasmonics/metasurfaces. He received his PhD in Physics from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Germany in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Philip Russell (2015 President of OSA). His work on nano-optics, plasmonics, and photonic crystals has led to 35 journal publications in various journals, such as Science, Nano Letters, Advanced Materials, ACS Photonics, and Laser & Photonics Reviews as well as 50 invited talks and 130 conference papers. 

Dr. Lee is a recipient of a 2020 SPIE Rising Researcher, a 2020 Baylor Outstanding Professor Award, a 2019 DARPA Director’s Fellowship, a 2019 IEEE OGC Young Scientist Award, a 2018 NSF CAREER Award, a 2017 DARPA Young Faculty Award, a 2018 OSA Ambassador, a 2017 APS Robert S. Hyer Award, a 2018 Baylor Young Investigator Award, a 2016 Baylor Proposal Development Award, and a 2012 Croucher Postdoctoral Fellowship. He is a Founding Associate Editor for OSA Continuum and Associate Editor for Nature Scientific Reports journals. His group has awarded for external grants with total amount of > $4M in the last four years. 

The long-range goal of our research is to develop ways on using emerging active optical materials, nanostructures, and advanced nano-physics to actively control the optical properties of nano-optical structures (e.g., plasmonics, metasurfaces, zero-index/2D materials, optical fibers) for studying extreme light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale, as well as advancing next generation optical imaging/display, sensing, energy, medical, and communication applications. Specific research interests lie in the physics, nanoscale material sciences and device engineering of nano-optics, plasmonics, metamaterials/metasurfaces, zero-index optics, biophotonics, and photonic crystal fiber optics.

Selected Publications

J. Yang, I Ghirmire, P. C. Wu, S. Gurung, C. Arndt, D. P. Tsai, H. W. Lee, “Photonic crystal fiber metalens”, Nanophotonics 9, 443-449 (2019).

B. A. Ko, A. Sokolov, Z. Zhang, M. O. Scully, H. W. Lee, “Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing near the Excitonic Resonances of Bulk MoS2”, Photonics Research 7, 251 (2019).

J. Zhang, J. Yang, M. Schell, A. Anopchenko, L. Tao, Z. Yu, H. W. Lee, “Gate-tunable optical filter based on conducting oxide metasurface heterostructure,” Opt. Lett. 44, 3653 (2019).

A. Anopchenko, L. Tao, C. Arndt, H. W. Lee, “Gate tunable and broadband Epsilon-near-zero perfect absorbers with deep subwavelength thickness,” ACS Photonics 5, 2631 (2018)

A. Ciattoni, C. Rizza , H. W. Lee, C. Conti, and A. Marini, “Plasmon-enhanced spin-orbit interaction of light in graphene”, Laser & Photonics Reviews 12, 1800140 (2018).

Y. W. Huang*, H. W. Lee*, R. Sokhoyan, K. Thyagarajan, R. Pala, S. Han, D. P. Tsai, and H. A. Atwater, “Gate-tunable conducting oxide metasurfaces,” Nano Lett. (2016)  (link).

H. W. Lee, G. Papadakis, S. P. Burgos, K. Chander, A. Kriesch, R. Pala, U. Peschel and H. A. Atwater, “Nanoscale conducting oxide plasMOStor,” Nano Lett. 14, 6463-6468 (2014). (link)

S. P. Burgos*, H. W. Lee*, E. Feigenbaum, R. M. Briggs and H. A. Atwater, “Synthesis and Characterization of Plasmonic Resonant Guided Wave Networks,” Nano Lett. 14, 3284-3292 (2014) (*Equal author contribution). (link)

H. W. Lee, M. A. Schmidt and P. St.J. Russell, “Excitation of a nanowire "molecule" in gold-filled photonic crystal fiber,” Opt. Lett. 37, 2946-2948 (2012). (link) (Highlighted in vol. 6, p.501 Nature Photonics “Metal-filled fibres”)

G. K. L. Wong, M. S. Kang, H. W. Lee, F. Biancalana, C. Conti, T. Weiss and P. St.J. Russell, “Orbital angular momentum resonances in helically twisted photonic crystal fiber,” Science 337, 446-449 (2012). (link) (Highlighted in Laser focus world, Photonics.com and Phys.org)


October 2020
Chris Gonzalez received Rose Hills Foundation Award. Congratulation!
September 2020
Jingyi Yang received Best student paper award at Photonics Global Student Conference. Congratulation!
August 2020
Welcome Chris, Andrew, and Leon join our new group at UC Irvine!
August 2020
Howard gave an invited talk at 2020 SPIE Optics and Photonics Conference (Virtual).
July 2020
Howard gave an invited talk at IQSE Summer School (Virtual).
July 2020
Howard gave an invited talk at 2020 OSA Advance Photonics Congress (Virtual).
July 2020
Howard joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC Irvine as tenured Associate Professor. 
March 2020
Howard is selected as 2020 Baylor Outstanding Professor Award. Congratulation! 
March 2020
Howard is early promoted as tenured Associate Professor at Baylor University (effective Aug 2020)! Thank you all the group members for their hard work and great efforts on research! 
March 2020
Howard attended and presented in the NGA-DARPA Metamaterials Summit at National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
February 2020
Howard gave two invited talks at SPIE Photonic West Conference.
February 2020
Lee's group and SPIE Student Chapter at Baylor participated Waco STEM Family Night to promote optics to the local elementary schools. More than 1000 visitors attended and having fun with simple optics demonstrations.
February 2020
Dr. Peinan Ni from CNRS, France joined us a Senior Research Associate. Welcome Peinan!
January 2020
Howard attended Atwater60 Meeting at Caltech to celebrate 60th birthday of Harry Atwater!
January 2020
Howard is selected as 2020 SPIE Rising Researcher. Congratulation!
January 2020
Dr. Sudeshna Bagchi (Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, India) is visiting our group for half a year. She is an awardee of the Indo-U.S. Women in STEMM: Women Overseas Fellowship program. Welcome!
December 2019
Howard organized the symposium of "Emerging Material Platforms and Approaches for Plasmonics, Metamaterials, and Metasurfaces" at the 2019 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. More than 200 invited talks, contributed talks, and poster presentations were presented in the symposium. 
We received sponsorship from ACS Photonics, Raith, JAWollam, iScience, and MRS. We also delivered 10 Best Poster Awards in our symposium to students and young professionals. 
We thank you all the great contributions from invited speakers, participants, and sponsors to make this symposium successful!
December 2019
Sudip Gurung received "EL01 Best Poster Award" at 2019 MRS Fall Meeting. Congratulation!
September 2019
Welcome Rabindra Khadka and Syed Hasan to join us for PhD research!
September 2019
Howard is awarded for the Young Scientist Award at the 2019 IEEE Optoelectronics Global Conference (OGC) in Shenzhen, China. Congratulation!
August 2019
Howard is awarded for the DARPA "Director Fellowship". The Director Fellowship is selected to a limited number of awardees who demonstrate exceptional DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA) project performance over the 24-month base period. Congratulation! (news)
August 2019
We received new grant awards from AFOSR ($450K) and DARPA NLM (~$270K) programs to study meta-optical fiber and nonlinear ENZ properties. Congratulation!
June 2019
Howard is selected as OSA Senior Member!
June 2019
Our research is highlighted by Croucher Foundation (Hong Kong) (Link)
May 2019
Our PhD student Jingyi Yang is receiving an prestigious SPIE 2019 Laser Technology, Engineering, and Applications Scholarship, in an amount of $5,000. Congratulation! (news) (Baylor news)
May 2019
Howard will serve as Editorial Board for Nature Scientific Report Journal.
May 2019
Khant Minn's paper on "ENZ-optical fiber" in Nature Scientific Report is selected as Top 100 paper in Physics in 2018. Congratulation!
April 2019
Our undergraduate researcher, Catherine Arndt, received prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF). Congratulation! She will study PhD at Rice University this Fall with this fellowship. (News)
March 2019
We have several publications on photonics crystal fiber metalens, 4-wave mixing in MOS2, PIT plasmonic modulator, and spin-orbit interaction in graphene published in Nanophotonics,  Photonics Research, Scientific Report, and Laser and Photonics Reviews in the last 2-3 months. Congratulation! 
February 2019
Howard presented 3 invited talks in SPIE Photonic West Conference.
January 2019
Jingyi Yang presented an invited talk at PQE conference. 
October 2018
Jingyi Yang awarded prestigious OSA Emil Wolf Outstanding Student PaperAward. Congratulation!!
October 2018
Five of our group members presented oral talks in the APS Texas Meeting.
October 2018
Nicholas John join us as visiting researcher. Welcome!
September 2018
Our group have received new funding awards with Dr. Lee as the PI. We have recently received NSF MRI award to acquire an Ebeam lithography system (~$1M) and AFOSR-MOST Award to collaborate with Prof. Felix Gwo (NTHU, Taiwan). Our group has been awarded external grants in a total amount of ~ $3M in the first 3 years. Congratulation! Thanks all the group members and collaborators for the effort and help!

September 2018
Jingyi, Subhajit, and Oleksiy presented their research in FiO 2018 conference. 
July-August 2018
Howard presented invited talks in CLEO Pacific-RIM, Advanced Photonics, and ICNP conferences. He also gave technical and professional developments seminars to 7 universities in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.
July 2018
Howard organized a Metasurface session at META 2018 conference (3rd years in the row) and presented an invited talk.
June 2018
Howard will serve as one of the founding Associate Editors for OSA new journal, OSA Continuum.
June 2018
Garand Tyson join us as visiting researcher. Welcome! 
May 2018
Howard's blog article on "International Day of Light" (link).
May 2018
Satyendra is now starting his career in Montreal, Canada. Goodbye and good luck, Satyendra!
May 2018
Catherine receive 2018 Nano-,Bio-,Quantum-Optics REU to perform research in the Institute of Optics at University of Rochester. Congrats! 
April 2018
Our group is awarded for a research grant from Welch Foundation. Congratulation!
April 2018
Lee group received outreach training from the Mayborn Museum and performed few little optical experiments!
April 2018
Howard attended the OSA 2018 Leadership Conference in Washington headquarter as an OSA Ambassador
April 2018
Oleksiy's paper on broadband and gate-tunable epsilon-near-zero perfect absorber is published in ACS Photonics. Congrats!
March 2018
Our group receive undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA) Award!
March 2018
Howard is selected as one of the three finalists for the SAOT Young Researcher Award and gave an invited seminar in Erlangen, Germany.
March 2018
Howard represented Baylor to present our research at the "Baylor Research at the Hill" event in DC. (link)
February 2018
Howard is awarded for the 2018 NSF CAREER AwardThis award allows him to develop an integrated program of research and education focused on nanoscale tunable metasurface devices. Congratulation! (news)
February 2018
Qiannan completed her visiting at Baylor and return to China. Goodbye and good luck, Qiannan!
February 2018
Khant's paper on ENZ optical fiber is published in Scientific Report. Congrats!
February 2018
Oleksiy's paper on ALD fabricated AZO absorber is published in Material Research Express. Congrats!
January 2018
Quandong Huang from City University of Hong Kong joined us as visiting scholar. Welcome Quandong!
October 2017
Howard is selected as one of the ten 2018 OSA Ambassador. Congratulation!  (news)
October 2017
Catherine and Howard are selected for the "Robert S. Hyer Award" as a pair of student and research advisor for their work on zero-index materials for ultra-thin optical devices. Congratulations!
October 2017
Dr. Subhajit Bej from University of Eastern Finland  joins our group as postdoc fellow. Welcome Subhajit!
September 2017
Jingyi received Shim C. Park and Theresa Park Memorial Physics Scholarship. Congratulation!
September 2017
SPIE Student Chapter at Baylor University is officially formed. Thanks Jingyi for making this happen!
September 2017
Howard presented in the DARPA YFA Kick-off meeting and officially received the YFA award. (news).
August 2017
Howard awarded the 2017 DARPA Young Faculty Award. Congratulation!

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