Andrew Benson

Hale Scholar in Theoretical Astrophysics, Carnegie Observatories

Galaxy formation, dark matter


Email: abensonca (at) gmail

Office: Carnegie Observatories

Sean Carroll

Senior Research Associate, Physics

Cosmology, field theory, gravitation, quantum mechanics

Email: seancarroll (at) gmail

Office: 401 Lauritsen/Downs (Caltech)

Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine

W.M. Keck Institute for Space Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at JPL

Cosmological and astrophysical probes of dark matter and of extended dark sectors

OMEGA explorer

Email: francis-yan (dot) cyr-racine (at) jpl

Office: 169-236A (JPL)

Olivier Doré

Scientist at JPL and Visiting Associate at Caltech

Cosmological probes of dark matter

Email: olivier (dot) p (dot) dore (at) jpl

Office: Cahill 383 (Caltech), 169-285 (JPL)

Andrey Egorov

PhD student, Physics, University of Southern California

Indirect searches for dark matter

Email: astrotula (at) gmail

Office: SHS (USC)

Richard Ellis
Strong lensing probes of dark matter, weak lensing as probe of dark energy

Email: rse (at) astro (dot) caltech
Office: Cahill 354 (Caltech)

Jeff Filippini

Robinson Postdoctoral Scholar, Experimental Astrophysics

Direct searches for dark matter, cosmic microwave background, observational cosmology


Email: jpf (at) caltech

Office: 379 Cahill (Caltech)

Christopher Hirata

Assistant Professor, Astrophysics

Cosmic microwave background, gravitational lensing, large scale structure, general relativity


Email: chirata (at) tapir (dot) caltech

Office: Cahill 272 (Caltech)

Koji Ishiwata


Phenomenology beyond the standard model, SUSY, dark matter

Email: ishiwata (at) theory (dot) caltech

Alina Kiessling

Postdoctoral Fellow at JPL

N-body simulations, weak gravitational lensing, cosmology

Euclid, WFIRST

Email: Alina (dot) A (dot) Kiessling (at) jpl

Office: Cahill 346 (Caltech); 169-214 (JPL)

Julian Merten

Caltech Postdoc at JPL

Cosmology, dark matter, gravitational lensing, numerical simulations, Pandora's Cluster and other merging clusters

CLASH, OMEGA explorer

Email: jmerten (at) caltech, Julian.Merten (at) jpl

Office: Cahill 345 (Caltech); 169-234 (JPL)

Sarah Miller

Postdoctoral Fellow (UCI)

Rotation curves, dark matter in galaxies,  galaxy evolution and dynamics, observable signals of the nature of dark matter in the universe

Email: smiller (at) astro (dot) caltech (dot) edu

Caltech Office: Cahill 346 (Caltech)

Leonidas Moustakas

Drew Newman

Graduate Student, Astronomy

Observational probes of dark matter in galaxy clusters

Email: anewman (at) astro (dot) caltech

Office: Cahill 255 (Caltech)

Annika Peter

McCue Fellow, UC Irvine

Dark-matter simulations, direct detection, indirect detection, particle astrophysics, Galactic dynamics, galaxy evolution, astrophysical probes of dark matter

Email: ahpeter (at) uci

Office: Cahill 315 (Caltech); FRH 2154 (UCI)

Roland de Putter

Caltech Postdoc at JPL

Theoretical Cosmology, Large Scale Structure, Neutrino Physics, Dark Energy, Weak Gravitational Lensing


Email: rdputter (at) caltech

Office: Cahill 320 (Caltech); Phone: 4667 (Caltech)

Alvise Raccanelli

Caltech Postdoc at JPL

Cosmology, large-scale structure, tests of gravity, dark energy, redshift-space distortions, integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect, BAO, cosmology with radio surveys


Email: alvise (at) caltech

Office: Cahill 346 (Caltech); 169-234 (JPL)

Jason Rhodes

Scientist at JPL and Visiting Associate at Caltech

Weak gravitational lensing as a probe of dark matter and dark energy

WFIRST, Euclid

Email: Jason (dot) d (dot) rhodes (at) jpl

Office: Cahill 345 (Caltech), 626-318-7165

Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins

Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow

Particle astrophysics, indirect dark matter searches

Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, Cherenkov Telescope Array

Email: jsg (at) tapir (dot) caltech

Office: Cahill 340 (Caltech); 169-234 (JPL)

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