-- This is the DRAFT Syllabus --

There are 9 weeks of classes in the spring term and we will have a total of 18 lectures (including an extra lecture on the last week to make up for Memorial Day!).
Each lecture will be 1.5 hours.
Key to reading: Main text is Longair.
                L - Longair, RB -- Rosswog & Brüggen, ST -- Shapiro & Teukolsky, FKR -- Frank, King & Raine, M -- Melia
                (see literature page)

Week 1
- Overview: High-energy astrophysics; wave/particle zoo and detectors;
  review of basic particle physics/emission mechanisms, intro: gravitational waves
- Short Review from Ay123: Basic stellar structure and evolution, polytropes,
  late stage of low-mass stellar evolution, GR, gravitational redshift
- TOV equations for compact stars: White dwarfs and neutron stars

Week 2
- White dwarf structure and cooling, equation of state
- Massive star evolution and Core-Collapse (Type II, 1bc, ...) SNe, proto-NSs
- Neutron stars, nuclear EOS
RB, 4.1, 4.3, 4.4
Althaus et al., AARv 18, 471, sections 1-4
Lecture notes
Lattimer & Prakash 2007
Week 3
- Thermonuclear (Type 1a) supernovae.
- Radio pulsars, magnetars, AXPs, SGRs
Week 4
- Black hole basics
- Accretion disks
Week 5
- Close binaries, LMXBs, HMXBs, binary evolution
- gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence
Week 6
- Stellar mass black holes in x-ray binaries. Black hole mass/spin evolution.
- Accretion physics
Week 7
- Supermassive black holes, AGNs  L18,19 
Week 8
- Gamma Ray Bursts
Week 9
- Ultra high-energy cosmic rays  L15,16,17