III. Fun at CTC

B. Icebreakers

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1/24/13 Second [Winter] General Meeting: Sharing Thoughts

Gather all the participants into a select number of groups. Each member in a group will obtain a random topic with which he/she will elaborate upon to the rest of the group. Simple as that. It is highly suggested to the lead member(s) that these topics be fun and interesting, something other people would like to share their thoughts on as well. Here are a list of topics to consider:
  • What are your activities/hobbies?
  • What is your favorite (insert media topic here, e.g. TV show, film, actor)?
  • What is the most difficult thing you have ever done?
  • What was the best/worst thing that happened to you last year? (Prerogative question for upcoming main activity?
  • What is the most unusual event/situation/thing that ever occurred to you?
  • If you were stuck on a desert island, what one book and luxury item (i.e. not a boat, a jetpack, Icarus wings, wormhole generator, or any way to get out of the island) would you bring?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • If you could go back at any point in history once to visit or live in, where would it be?
  • If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
  • Name a gift you will never forget?
  • What is your favorite thing about UCI?

    And don't forget to have the group members introduce themselves to one another!

1/11/13 First [Winter] General Meeting:

Human Bingo

     The first icebreaker of the 2013 year! Basically the aim of this bingo game is to socialize. Create bingo sheets with a 5 x 5 (dimensions can be chosen to liking) table and write down some characteristic aspects or traits a person or group of people may have. Here's an example list of them:

  • Has a driver's license
  • Has 3 brothers or sisters
  • Has been to Asia/Africa/Europe
  • Born in Northern California
  • Is wearing a green shirt
  • Is wearing a necklace
  • Knows how to speak Mandarin
  • Knows how to skateboard

     Just make sure it's not an unlikely or impossible trait, like 'combat experience in the Afghanistan war' or something else; unless you KNOW a participant will have it. ;)

     All bingo game players will scatter around the playing area, talk to each other in order to find out which person has what trait, and have that particular person mark it. No person may mark the same bingo sheet twice. The person/people who obtain straight line from end to end or corner to corner (like actual Bingo) will win the game. The Bingo coordinator may also choose to add a free space in the center of the Bingo table.


     The participants split up into groups of at least two; three is preferable, however. Each group will have a representative to go up in front of the board, positioned with their backs turned on to the board (i.e. they're facing their own group). The game coordinator then writes a phrase/word on the board; specifying a theme prior to this would benefit the representative players and provide support hints to the groups. The representatives must guess the word on the board based on the one-worded hints their corresponding group address only to them. The coordinator picks a person to provide one hint at a time to his/her representative. Choosing resets once all groups has had a turn to provide a hint to their players. Players must think quickly however! Number of hints will accumulate because everyone is free to hear all the hints provided. 

11/14/12 Third General Meeting: Shaky Start

     This icebreaker is intended to help improve one's ability to deliver presentations with precise clarity and comprehension to subject. There are no specific guidelines on how to perfectly present, but recognizing proper body language, use of semantics, and the situation of the audience can help in delivering an excellent one. When a more experienced person critiques your work, it shouldn't be disconcerting; rather utilizing their feedback allows one to continually improve upon his or her weaknesses. How else will we be able to learn if we don't hear what others have to say about our skills? That's the whole point of shaky start. Each group is assigned a simple, taken-for-granted activity to explain how it should done, as most fundamental and comprehensible as possible. It shouldn't be a professional presentation, nor does it necessitate the use of bulletin points or props. Rather, the group itself will have to talk about it, act it out, and enlighten everyone on its simplicity. The group then receives a score from each of the other groups, followed by comments and concerns.


Shaky Start

10/17/2012 Second General Meeting: Color Personality Test

     Each participant fills out a color personality form ("What Color Are You?") and then is placed in the color section corresponding to the most number of checks made in that color. Then each group reads the description of its color personality ("Description of Four Color Styles") and is asked to list out its strengths and weaknesses according to the description (or anything else implied). See uploaded files below for the handout files.

Color Personality ‎(Icebreaker)‎

10/17/2012 Second General Meeting: Human Knot

Click here to find out how to play!

10/3/2012 First General Meeting: Speed Dating
     First, the participants form a concentric circle (a circle within another larger circle), with the outer group facing the inner group, and vice versa. Next, the host of the game (our president) would choose a topic question of interest and each participant would have to discuss said question to the person in front of him/her in just 30 seconds (this is the "speed date"). Next, one circle group is asked to move either left or right a certain number of steps. Then each participant would speed date again but this time with the new person in front of him/her. This process is repeated until all the topic questions (see below) are exhausted:

1. Tell you life story.

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
4. What did you do over summer?
5. What is your favorite ball sport?
6. What is your greatest fear?
7. What would you do with $1,000,000?
8. Why did you come to Cal Teach Club meeting tonight?

A. Member Idea

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Member Idea

Please classify your brilliant idea:

General meeting      Social activity         Fundraiser           Publicity


Please describe your idea:


Please describe the level of involvement you would like in planning/implementing this idea:


Projected date to implement this idea (can be as general as this year, or spring quarter):


Any additional information you would like the officers to know about this idea:


Please e-mail your brilliant idea to us at ucicalteach@gmail.com!

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