I. Our Officers

Whitney Young, Club Advisor
    This is my first time serving as an advisor to the Cal Teach Club. I am a UCI graduate and proud anteater for life! As the Student Services Coordinator for Cal Teach I feel that the Cal Teach Club serves a vital function to both our program and the UCI community at large; that function being the promotion of science and mathematics teaching. I am very excited to help them carry out that function this year!
Haleigh Steele, Co-President
    Hi all! My name is Haleigh Steele and I am the Co-Preside
nt of the Cal Teach Club here at UCI for the 2012-2013 year. The Cal Teach Club is more than just a place to learn good teaching habits, it is a place to develop newfound friends and possibly meet future colleagues. After graduating from UCI in 2014 with my Bachelor degree in Physics with a concentration in Secondary Education, I plan on becoming a high school Physics teacher.  I knew that I was going to be a teacher when I was 15 and got a local job as a swim instructor. I absolutely loved it and have been teaching ever since.  Today I now train other lifeguards how to teach swim lessons. I love summer time, which is the number one reason I picked UCI in the first place, because it is in Southern California and is more often sunny than cold and wet. My goal for the Cal Teach Club is to get as many members to participate with the club events and activities as possible! This year we are going to have a lot of exciting activities and a lot more opportunities for member involvement. So come out and learn about the Cal Teach Club this year, hope to see a lot of new faces! Let’s have an awesome year! “It takes a village to raise a child.
Jeanette Mangilit, Co-President
    Hello! I’m Jeanette Mangilit and I will be one of the Co-Presidents for the 2012-2013 school year. I am a fourth year Biology major and Medical school hopeful. Education is a huge interest of mine, I feel that everything about the education and the learning process is so vital to our world.  I value all the experiences that Cal Teach has allowed me to have so far which is why I’m so excited to be on board again. Cal Teach is one of the friendliest and most supportive clubs I’ve encountered on campus and I’m so excited to be apart of it. I can only hope to extend my enthusiasm to you all. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or even want to get more involved with the club feel free to contact me! :0)

Janet Kim, Activities Chair
    Hello everyone! My name is Janet, and I am the Activities Chair for Cal Teach Club! I'm a second year planning to double major in Biology/Education and Psychology and Social Behavior (I think I'd triple major if I could!). Yep, I have a lot of stress coming my way, but it's okay! It will be worth it. I'd like to become a teacher some day, mostly because I love the idea of positively influencing people's lives as an educator and a role model. I'm not sure which grade yet, but I'm hoping to figure it out as I go along. Despite taking on all of this work, I also really like to have fun! I love trying new things and exploring different possibilities. I keep an open mind to everything and anything. I'll do my best to radiate this in club meetings and activities! :D

Cecilia Dinh, Publicity Chair
    You can call me Cecy. I'm Calteach Club’s Publicity Chair. I'm a 4th year student at UCI and I’m majoring in Biology with a concentration in Education. Without a doubt, I love to learn. I seek knowledge and hope to gain wisdom with the passage of time. And when I'm not indulging myself with academia, I spend my free time video editing and mixing radio plays together.  If you do need help in anyway, I will gladly assist you to the best of my abilities.  And do keep in mind even though Calteach Club is geared towards teaching and academics, don't hesitate to ask (or any of us - the board members are kind, trust me) for help and any feedback is always appreciated.

Jessica Renteria, Treasurer
    Jessica or Jessie either one is fine! I am the Cal Teach secretary/treasurer for the 2012-2013 school year. I am a second year at UCI and I am studying to become a math teacher. I love learning and working with kids so teaching has always seemed like the best path for me. I live near Tahoe so I love always being surrounded by trees and fresh air. I would say my hobby is just being outdoors and spending time with friends. As long as I am outside I am usually happy! I see myself as a very social person as well as very loud, so don’t let my volume scare you and know that I am always ecstatic to make a new friend! Cal Teach has a lot to offer students and I am very fortunate to have encountered this club. My goal for the year is to help increase numbers in the club and make sure everyone who is involved feels welcome and is having fun!! I am excited for the new year and can’t wait to meet both old and new faces.

David Feng, Historian
I’m David, second-year double major in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and I am the Cal Teach Club’s historian for the 2012-2013 year. I don’t tend to describe myself thoughtfully, so here’s some general information about me. My usual schedule: study, eat, and sleep. My hobbies: riding on my Kawasaki 250R. My career goals: enter NASA as well as become a future educator. That’s also why I joined the Cal Teach Club: to improve my teaching and learning skills. I’m always thinking about math, physics, and my future about what I eventually want to do with my career. But enough about me; I hope to see you at the meetings and hear more from you!
Jen Jacques, Secretary
     Hello! My name is Jen Jacques and I’m the secretary for the Cal Teach Club. I’m a 2nd year student majoring in chemistry with a concentration in education. Going into college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with a chemistry degree when I eventually graduated, but Cal Teach has led me down a career path that is so fulfilling I am so thankful that I stopped at the Cal Teach Booth at the Anteater Involvement fair my freshman year. My favorite part about teaching is that it gives me the ability to be creative even though I have zero artistic/musical skills. I spend all of my time between Irvine, Lakewood and Santa Monica (yep, I'm a commuter!) and I have really dorky hobbies, like playing Magic the Gathering and crocheting. I’m so excited for the year ahead of us and can’t wait to get to know all of the new members!
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Jen Jacques Secretary jrjacque@uci.edu 
Whitney Young Club Advisor youngw@es.nacs.uci.edu 
Haleigh Steele Co-President haleigh.steele@gmail.com 
Jeanette Mangilit Co-President jeanettemangilit@gmail.com 
Janet Kim Activities Chair janetk4@uci.edu 
Cecilia Dinh Publicity Chair dinhct@uci.edu 
Jessica Renteria Treasurer jdrenter@uci.edu 
David Feng Historian davidfeng39@gmail.com 
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