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Charis Thompson
Cathryn Carson
David Winickoff



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he mission of the Science, Technology, and Society Center (STSC) is to advance understanding of scientific and technological practice and knowledge in their local, national and international settings, coordinating and promoting scholarship, teaching, and outreach regarding their deep intertwinings in society. Berkeley’s STSC is uniquely positioned within IAS to emphasize our commitment to scholarship on science, technology and society in a globalizing world. Among our organizing themes are: sustained inquiry into open and closed science; overcoming local and global divides; links between science and democracy. The STSC brings together a diverse community of scholars studying the origins, growth, and consequences of scientific and technological knowledge and practice. Taking a broad construal of our domain, including medicine, environment, new media, and related areas, we draw affiliates from the social sciences, the humanistic disciplines, and professional and public policy fields. At UC Berkeley, outstanding faculty and students in this trans-disciplinary arena are spread across a score of departments. STSC facilitates linkages of discussion, training, and collaboration. Further, the Center seeks to build cooperative networks with other University of California campuses and to give support to broader collaborations.



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