University of California STS Network

Within the UC System our goals are: 
  • Deepen knowledge of each campus's faculty and course offerings.
  • Build on UC's provisions for intercampus cooperation in supervising graduate students.
  • Work together in inviting visitors and planning events.
  • Develop collaborations in research and teaching.
  • Lay the groundwork for multicampus grant proposals.
  • Invigorate our scholarship with our variety of perspectives.
Starting from a network comprised of representatives from Berkeley, Davis, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz, we are developing contacts throughout the UC system. We also seek connections with other institutions in our area to develop a wider STS network. We enthusiastically welcome all inquiries.

STS Faculty contacts in each Campus

Charis Thompson
Cathryn Carson
David Winickoff
Joseph Dumit
James Griesemer
Simon Cole
Kavita Philip
Kaushik Sunder Rajan
Jennifer Terry
Mei Zhan
Ted Porter
Sharon Traweek
Gregg Herken
Francesca Rochberg
Steven Epstein
Chandra Mukerji
Robert Westman
Vincanne Adams
Adele Clarke
Bruce Bimber
Anita Guerrini
Patrick McCray
Karen Barad
Donna Haraway
Jenny Reardon