2009 Los Angeles Regional Sacred Harp Singing:  Planning Information for Local Singers

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The 2009 Los Angeles Regional Sacred Harp Singing will be hosted by the Los Angeles singers, web site http://homepage.smc.edu/russell_richard/fasola/


At local singings we'll be filling all the needed committee positions; or to volunteer by email, contact Bruce Hayes at bhayes@humnet.ucla.edu.

  • Chair: Bruce Hayes
  • Vice-chair [call-back songs, next year's Chair]:  Mary Rose O'Leary
  • Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair: Duncan MacLeod
  • Secretary: Larry Arnstein 
  • Secretary's assistant:  David Olson
  • Arranging (main person plus assistant):  Rick Russell, Jeri Segal
  • Pitching:  Laura Boyd Russell
  • Chaplain:  Steve Lazicki
  • Memorial lesson:  David Olson
  • Sick and shut-ins:    Marilyn Murata
  • Dinner organizers:  Ron and Karen Huss
  • Nametags, pens:  Marilyn Murata
  • Signup cards:  Bruce Hayes
  • Webmasters: Rick Russell, Bruce Hayes  
  • Resolutions:  Laura Boyd Russell, temporary chair (Laura will recruit two out-of-towners to serve as the committee.
  • Paper towels and TP:  David Olson
  • Limade and iced tea, cold cups, ice:  Larry Arnstein, Pat Keating
  • Hot drinks, hot cups, milk, water for hot drinks, ice:  Pat Keating
  • Water bottles:  Amy Ludwig
  • Greeting/registration:  Marilyn Murata, Leila, Tyson
  • Trash czarina, including recycling:  Mary Rose O'Leary, assisted by Carolyn Deacy
  • set up AM, and clean up PM (everyone can help, but someone needs to be in charge):  Rick Russell, Laura Boyd Russell, Ron and Karen Huss etc.

 Planned schedule

  • Doors open at 9 am
  • Singing starts at 10 a.m.
  • Dinner break 12-1
  • Singing ends at 4:00 p.m.

Advice about cooking for "dinner on the grounds"

Dinner tips from Marcia Johnson (pdf)

Dinner tips from Jenny Willard (pdf)

David Warren Steel's well-known Sacred Harp site has a recipe page. Try something really traditional!