Institutional memory

This page is for use by Los Angeles area singers in organizing future singings.  The material below was created by David Olson, chair of the 2008 Regional Convention

1. Higher Priority
2. Lower Priority
3. Pie-In-The-Sky

1. Gender-specifying signs for the bathrooms in Building H (large enough to remove all doubt). (During the morning, a man wandered into the woman's bathroom by mistake.)

2. A designated cellphone number -- so that people (esp. those performing tasks) e.g. whose car breaks down, can contact us.

3. Swiss Army knife. (E.g. this could be kept in the name tag box.)

4. Name tags -- the new musical-themed nametags actually stuck to some people's
clothes. We need a better nametag, and we need to test it prior to use.

5.  Roll of tape -- to allow for improvisation.

6.  List of minimum opening remarks. (1. Welcome, esp. far travellers. 2. Bathrooms & clearest instructions to Bldg. F. 3. Turn cellphones off. 4. If you change your mind about leading a song.)

7. List of minimum committee report session remarks.

8.  In the sculpture garden approach to Bldg. F, some of the overhead branches are low enough to be dangerous to moderately tall people.


1.  To have a listserv for singers actively involved in organizing the event, to come into effect one month prior to the event, and to continue for 2-3 weeks after the event (follow-up).

2. I brought extra paper towels and liquid soap, in case bathroom supplies ran out (as they did in Building F bathroom in January). These were not needed (as far as I know). But I'm still glad I brought them.


I wonder what would be involved in digitizing registration, arranging, and minutes.

In other words, if people registered their names into a computer, the spelling would be correct for the minutes. As this file/database is used by the arranging committee, then the order in which they are being called is logged in. So, the only thing the secretary needs to do is record the pagination & the
verbal component.


A couple of other thoughts --

(1) RON (reiteration of numbers)
Some people had to ask for page numbers to be repeated. Maybe one or two people should be designated as the regular amplifiers.

(I'm looking for a more colorful acronym for this function.)

(I tend to think that acronyms or function names that combine some technical savvy with folksy spirit are valuable in terms of making volunteers more eager to come forward.)

(2) Tide pools

There are tide pools in San Pedro.

We ought to check the hours for low tide.

This might result in a family with children deciding to attend the event. For example, the husband can sing in the morning, the wife can sing in the afternoon type of thing; fly kites in the park in the morning, visit tide pools in the after noon.

I guess (1) RON is high-priority and (2) Tide pools is lower priority.