Upcoming Events & Updates

Welcome all new and returning members!
We're so excited to be back for another year at Cal Poly SLO, 
check in here periodically for new information on our team

Every Wednesday in Building 10-126 @ 8:10 pm

Keep an eye on the website, Intstagram (@calpolydressageteam) and 
our Facebook page for information about practices, socials, and important events

*Practice Location: 
    Our practices will be held at Coastal Equine (485 O'Connor Way)

The practice sign-up method:

Speak with our Horse Manager Alexis Gardner to be added to our google calendar.
    Write your name in the time slot that you want to sign up for for the week, and please show up for the time you sign up for 

        Any questions or concerns can be directed to Alexis.

Important notes: 
    • Rides/Carpooling will be available for every practice if you do not have your own transportation
    • Two practices a week will be reserved for show team lessons
    • Please do not request a horse for practice. Horses will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis or at the discretion of the coaches.
    • Allow for one hour before and after your practice time for transportation, grooming, and tacking purposes
    • As we are riding off campus, please show respect to the tenants of Coastal, represent the team and school well


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email the team at calpolydressageteam@gmail.com

Fees: Due two weeks after riding begins for the quarter (updated for Fall 2017)

            $275 for entire year
            $100 for one quarter
            $50 show team fee (additional)

We will have social events throughout the quarter such as dinners, movie nights, line dancing, or yoga/ pilates classes! Check here, our emails, and social media for updates

Feeding Shifts: 

All team members must complete at least one feeding shift a quarter. Once the schedule has been made please make sure to go to your assigned shift or email our horse manager at calpolydressageteam@gmail.com to request a shift change! Feedings help keep our dues low and care for our horses, thank you in advance for your help.