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2012 News

  • is our website for recording Coast heritage - the first project is a study of post WW2 development, with a pilot study of Moffat Beach
  • In March, the old lighthouse dome is repaired and the building is repainted as part of Council's maintenance regime for the building.  On the 17th we are hosting a Citizenship Ceremony put on by the Rotary Club of Caloundra.  There are approx 20 candidates, mostly from the UK but also from NZ, India, Cyprus & Germany. Applications have now been made to reclassify the buildings formally as publicly accessible via guided tours.
  • Work continues on the maintenance and adaptions to conserve the buildings and ready them for public access.  The recent rain has highlighted the need to track down leaks in the Signal Station - looks like it will be a process of elimination. Artist Robyn Shaw visited in Jan and has sent through one of her sketches "Once we were Heroes". Getting the flagpole repaired and flying the Queensland flag given to us by Mark McArdle MP for Caloundra was a milestone for us. Second photo shows rust to the flagpole cleaned back prior to painting.
  • Congratulations to the new executive voted in at the AGM on the 8th February.  Minutes are posted on the Minutes page
PRESIDENT:- Trevor Hamey
SECRETARY:- Anne Wensley
TREASURER:- Donnalea Ryan
VICE PRESIDENT:- Bill McClintock
  • On Jan 18th we met with Lisa Bishop and Noreen Blackley from Council to progress the Licence.  We expect to be signing in the near future. The minutes are on the minutes page.

1968-70 Lighthouses                                                                                                                                                                  by A Fulton Regional Lighthouse Engineer from Colin Gladstone 7-99


  • To act as a consultative body to Sunshine Coast Regional Council in the care of the Caloundra lighthouse precinct
  • To assist in conservation of the place and associated movable heritage based on best practice guidelines.
  • To encourage and facilitate use for educational and cultural tourism purposes.
  • To provide guidance and support for appropriate future development of the precinct.
  • To collect, collate and make available to the public objects and information important for the interpretation of the lighthouses.
  • To promote and support conservation of places of cultural heritage significance within the wider community.
Current Activity
  • State Government has given Sunshine Coast Council a ten year licence for the site occupied by the 1896 Lighthouse; the 1968 Signal Station & light; and the Auxiliaries Building
  • Council has offered us a three year licence for the buildings, but we will need to pay an annual one unit of rental, plus all other costs associated including insurance, maintenance, elect, sewerage, water, garbage, fire service levies, tax etc.
  • We are currently working up towards taking up the licence.
  • We are preparing the buildings for public visitation.  We also need to bring the group up to strength following 18 months without access; and be in a position to meet the anticipated expenses
  • We seeking interest through business and community links for sponsorship, and feel that we can offer unique promotional exposure
  • As part of our sixth object, we also have a grant application in to Council to do some research and promotion into places associated with the post WW2 boom in Caloundra. 

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