Calories In Spicy California Roll. Low Fat Low Cholesterol Cooking.

Calories In Spicy California Roll

calories in spicy california roll
    california roll
  • The California roll is a maki-zushi (roll), a kind of sushi roll, usually made inside-out, containing cucumber, imitation crab stick, and avocado. In some countries it is made with mango instead of avocado.
  • Crab meat (or fake crab meat sticks), smelt or flying fish roe, avocado.
  • Imitation or real crab meat, avocado, carrot, cucumber. Also done inside-out with flying fish eggs on the outside (Orange Roll).
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calories in spicy california roll - Griffin Technology
Griffin Technology California Roll Universal iPod Carrying Case (Black)
Griffin Technology California Roll Universal iPod Carrying Case (Black)
Griffin Technology California Roll Elegant Roll-Up Case 8074-CALRLB Carrying Cases

You won't need chopsticks, soy sauce, or wasabi for this California Roll. The elegant, free-form carrying case holds not just your iPod, but also your iPod goodies in its trio of handy compartments. Just stash your stuff in the mesh pockets, wrap it up as you would a sushi roll, then secure the contents with the built-in elastic band. The unique wrap 'n' go design is ideal for traveling or commuting, as it holds an iPod, headphones, a charging cable, and a host of other accessories (including non-iPod goodies). You could probably even haul your chopsticks along. And thanks to the California Roll's high-tech synthetic materials, your iPod will stay fully protected in almost any situation. Compatible with all iPods--including the iPod 1G, iPod 2G, iPod 3G, 4G, iPod photo, iPod video, iPod mini, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle--the black California Roll is backed by a one-year warranty.
What's in the Box
Black California Roll case.

84% (11)
California Roll - Ray Special
California Roll - Ray Special
California Roll with extra advocado thinly sliced on top. It actually tastes really good and feels silky smooth in my mouth although I've never been a big fan of advocado.
California Rolls
California Rolls
Some California Rolls I bought for another photo shoot for Soho Sushi. Shooting food was pretty fun. My buddy helped with the lights. My thanks to him.

calories in spicy california roll
calories in spicy california roll
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