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Low Carb Fish Recipes

low carb fish recipes
    low carb
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low carb fish recipes - Indian Recipes
Indian Recipes for a Healthy Heart: Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Sodium Gourmet Dishes
Indian Recipes for a Healthy Heart: Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Sodium Gourmet Dishes
Indian Recipes for a Healthy Heart destroys the myth that a healthful diet is synonymous with deprivation. This unique book, in the context of Indian cuisine, contains modified recipes for well-known Indian (and some non-Indian) dished with their authentic gourment tastes and flavors intact, yet worthy of inclusion in a healthful diet.
Endorsed by health professionals, it offers lovers of good food a whole new repetoire or healthful dishes, and to Indians, a way of meeting dietary guidelines without giving up their favorite cuisine. The book is packed with a wealth of useful and easy-to-understand information in addition to the 140 easy-to-cook recipes with step-by-step instructions which even a beginner to cooking can follow. Illustrated with line drawings, nutrition analysis tables, and indexed for quick reference, it is essential reading for anyone who cares about healthy eating or just good food

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Roasted Asian style salmon
Roasted Asian style salmon
Dinner Suggestion “Roasted Asian style salmon” Here is one of my favorite low carb taste through the roof in taste dinners meals. If you are looking for something lighter or if you are training to lose weight this is a fantastic way to have the salmon as the star along with some healthy veg and salad. Takes 20 min to put together easy stuff and the marinade you make will be good for many recipe applications. If anyone says healthy food is boring try this! Ingredients: Benny’s Asian marinade 2 cup light soy sauce ? cup brown sugar ? cup miram ? cup rice wine vinegar One tablespoon dark sesame oil 5 cloves of garlic finely chopped 2 tablespoons grated ginger 2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds Mix all ingredients together and adjust the flavors to what you like keep in a bottle in the fridge for 2 weeks 4 oz skinless salmon filets Handful fresh green beans Olive oil Unsalted butter Kosher salt Mixed greens for salad of your choice Method: Start by coating your salmon filets with the marinade and let sit at room temp for 15 min you can do this in the same pan that you will roast them turning every 5 min to make sure its coating all side. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and add a little canola oil to the pan and now roast the salmon with all the marinade until you start to see the fats coming out of the fish and the marinade starting to get rich and caramelized between 15-20 min depends on the oven and cut of the fish. Make sure to baste it every few min this will keep the fish moist and develop the marinade on the salmon in layers. While the salmon is finishing add some butter to a saute pan and add your beans and a touch of kosher salt. Saute until the beans are a little soft, take off the heat and keep warm. Now to bring it all together add a touch of olive oil to your salad greens and about 1 teaspoon of the salmon marinade from the bottle and mix this should be a very light coating almost nonexistent but it will work. Plate the salmon drizzle any of the marinade from the pan on top, add some toasted sesame seeds and finish with the beans on the side. This is an amazingly healthy light dish that is one of my go to meals when I am working out or even losing weight for a tour as this is virtually no carbs and very little fats. Healthy eating! Benny
Miso: Quick breakfast
Miso: Quick breakfast
I've been taking the ingredients for miso soup to work with me for breakfast lately. I pack these things together in a recloseable container, bring it to work and add hot water for a quick breakfast. * Wakame - this is dried seaweed. A tiny little bit reconstitutes to a huge size, so use sparingly. * Mushroom - I'll add a few slivers of some sort of veggie for texture. I usually try to use bean sprouts, but mushroom works also. Don't use too much or you'll overpower the delicate flavor of the miso. Chopped green onions are also commonly added to miso soup. * Miso paste - the main ingredient for miso soup. About one tablespoon for each cup of water. * Dashi - i.e. fish juice. I don't care for the taste of vegan miso soup, which lacks the distinctive "dead fish" flavor of much Japanese cuisine. I keep powdered instant dashi in the cupboard. The miso paste shown here has the dashi already added. * Tofu - I get the extra firm variety because it travels well. I used to buy instant miso soup before I realized I could just pack the ingredients like this. It's cheaper and tastes better and there's maybe three minutes of preparation involved. Low fat, low carbs, high protein, and way too much salt to be healthy. My blood pressure these days is around 100 / 70, which is considered good, but a high salt diet may also be linked to the high stomach cancer rates in Japan.

low carb fish recipes
low carb fish recipes
Fish Without a Doubt: The Cook's Essential Companion
Comprehensive. Friendly. Indispensable. With more than 250 simple and delicious recipes.

No doubt about it, fish is a cook’s dream. Fast. Low in fat, versatile, and healthful, it’s even brain food. No other fish cookbook contains such a comprehensive selection of approachable, contemporary recipes. It’s written by a pair of experts: a nationally known three-star seafood chef whose true passion is teaching home cooks, and an award-winning writer and sought-after food authority. Arranged for the cook’s complete convenience, Fish without a Doubt encompasses chapters on all the techniques of fish cookery?from poaching to grilling to sauteing?as well as on all the most popular seafood dishes?from appetizers, to soups and salads, to burgers and pasta.

The recipes range from updated versions of classics (Trout Almondine, Linguine with Clams, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes) to the latest favorites (Steamed Black Bass with Sizzling Ginger,Tuna Burgers with Cucumber Relish, Thai-Style Mussels). It includes slews of quickies for weeknight specials (Broiled Fillets with Butter and Herbs) and centerpieces for splashier occasions (A Big Poached Char). Featuring only seafood that is not overfished, Fish without a Doubt provides the latest information for the eco-conscious cook about our last wild frontier.

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