Monarch Weight Loss Program : Low Carb Tuna Recipe.

Monarch Weight Loss Program

monarch weight loss program
    weight loss
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monarch weight loss program - 40-30-30 Fat
40-30-30 Fat Burning Nutrition: The Dietary Hormonal Connection to Permanent Weight Loss and Better Health
40-30-30 Fat Burning Nutrition: The Dietary Hormonal Connection to Permanent Weight Loss and Better Health
• More than 400,000 copies in print
• Great supermarket shopping lists
• Guides for eating out, fast foods and prepared meals
• Vegetarian meals and recipes
Pioneering weight loss and sports nutritionists Joyce and Gene Daoust were part of the original team that worked with Dr. Barry Sears, developing and testing the "Zone Diet." You'll learn how to eat balanced meals: 40 percent of your calories coming from carbohydrates, 30 percent from protein and 30 percent from fat. You'll begin to burn fat, add muscle and increase your metabolism. Best of all, your body will keep the weight off once you reach your goal.

Eating the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat creates a hormonal response that leads to burning stored fat for energy, claim nutritionists Joyce and Gene Daoust. This book explains how the 40-30-30 diet works (40 percent high fiber, mostly low-glycemic carbohydrate; 30 percent high-quality protein; 30 percent fat), and how to plan meals following this formula. The "Sample Starter Meal Planners" are organized into three meal categories: Regular, Fat-Flush, and Vegetarian (heavy on cheese, eggs, tofu, and tempeh). There are a few recipes, such as Hearty Chili, Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs, Pizza, and Tortilla Turkey Roll-Up, and many quickly assembled meals, such as Scrambled Eggs, Tuna on Rye Crackers, and Open-Faced Ham Sandwich. A food value guide gives the protein, carbohydrate, and fat grams of many common foods. Though some nutrition experts would argue that this diet is too low in carbohydrates and too high in protein, the Daousts say that "There are no good or bad foods....The key is achieving the proper balance of the foods that you eat."

82% (10)
Brent Before
Brent Before
Brent W., an employee at a Eugene forest products company, noticed his supervisor had lost a lot of weight through the program at Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center. He decided to try it, and lost more than 100 pounds in just 18 months. As his weight dropped, so did his blood pressure, from 156 over 104 (high) to 126 over 62 (normal). His body mass index, or BMI, also dropped — from 40 to 29. "I feel 100 percent better physically and I'm more confident!" he says. The Monarch program was easy to follow, Brent said, and the staff provided excellent support, helping him reach his goals. His family is also very proud of him.
One of the last of the season, this monarch is getting nectar from an apple tree that had gone nuts and was blossoming on Block Island last week.

monarch weight loss program
monarch weight loss program
Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss: The Visual Program for Permanent Weight Loss
The secret to taking off those hated pounds?
"I lost 25 pounds living up to Dr. Shapiro's simple plan for reducing my waistline. What worked for me were the visual aids-- a picture can be worth 1,000 calories! They don't call him the Prince of Pounds for nothing!"--Dennis Duggan, Pulitzer prize-winning columnist, Newsday

Dr. Shapiro proves that great eating and weight loss can go hand in hand if you make the right choices.

Starting the day right, eating out for pleasure or business, enjoying a snack or even a chocolate indulgence-- it can all be done without gaining weight, if you follow the "picture perfect" guidelines in this book.

Dr. Shapiro's proven program of Food Awareness Training empowers you to take charge of your eating. You can stop depriving yourself, stop feeling guilty-- and stop dieting. Whether you want to lose 100 pounds or want to maintain the healthy weight you have now, here are the images that will instantly change your habits for life.

On the left is one small, fat-free, no-sugar-added muffin. On the right is a cornucopia of food--several pounds of fruit and a pair of whole-wheat rolls. The calorie counts are identical: 720.
There sits Dr. Howard Shapiro's point: dieters imagine that they're saving calories by eating the "virtuous" snack on the left, whereas in reality they're depriving themselves of the mountain of food on the right.
Dr. Shapiro believes that there are no bad foods, no right or wrong reasons to eat, no perfect number of meals in any given day. He doesn't believe in telling clients at his weight-loss clinic in Manhattan when they can or can't eat. Some of them are celebrities and corporate executives with such busy lives that mealtimes are often unpredictable. So Dr. Shapiro reassures them that a calorie is a calorie, whether you eat it before or after 9 p.m. He helps them lose weight by showing them different foods, set side by side, and how the seemingly healthier choice might actually be equal to or greater in calories than a bunch of foods that would seem to be off-limits to someone trying to lose weight.
In Picture Perfect Weight Loss, he uses photos of foods to demonstrate these choices. Thus, a "healthy" carob bar is shown to be equal in calories to 10 scoops of Italian ices. A 10-ounce loaf of crusty bread is shown to be equal to a tiny dish of Chex Mix. Two ounces of reduced-fat cheese are shown to be equal in calories and fat grams to two ounces of salami.
The photos pit all types of snacks and many meal choices against each other, and account for sugar, salt, and starch cravings. The text--easy to read even when discussing scientific principles that scientists don't fully understand yet--covers everything from exercise to nutrition labels to menus from some of the world's top restaurants, with the healthiest food choices highlighted.
Regular dieters, though, might want to skip all that until they've read the appendix explaining why the most popular fad diets--from the Atkins diet to Suzanne Somers's--are unhealthy, overly restrictive, or just based on misunderstood science. That alone might be worth the price of Picture Perfect Weight Loss. --Lou Schuler

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