• Championship Fleet that is a division in scoring and Champions may have to race outside the break wall and for many races.  There is NO Coaching, some parents still try.  There is the expectation that the competitor will finish promptly and not hold up the next start.  There is the expectation that you know the racing rules and protocols.  You should not be hitting marks of fouling people.
  •  Green fleet: Green fleet is where a child should learn how not to be a hazard and begin to understand the rules and learn how to  get coached and learn to be out front! - All green fleet coaches are supposed to coach everyone.  Green fleets should incorporate drills and not hold score-able races.  This is not about winning this is about building relationships and event traditions have sailing silly fun.  Children in the back should be towed forward.  Parents that scream for results need to understand that this is not the fleet for this.  Try and spend a season in green make friends learn about the different venues.  In So Cal at regional regattas we prefer that you do not post results.  Mean things are said by kids and adults and feeling are hurt.  This is a sensitive GREEN time lets keep kids sailing not crush them in this already challenging sport. 
    • There is no SHAME to GREEN and parents who think that way are not being corinthian.  There is a tested reason for green and it is a great place to make mistakes that do not hurt a top racers score.  Do not push your child up at a Championship event to have them fouling every top kid on the starting line at a "qualifying" championship event.  Your child will make some long term sailing enemies.
  • Championship event: A championship race that means this event should draw top racers to try and qualify for US Team Trials that event is held each year the last weeks of April into the First week of May.  The top 25% of the Championship Race finishers in a "qualifying event" get to go to this event, it is not mandatory  but they can enter and  travel and try out, these kids will get TTQ on USODA and then if they do well at Team Trials then the top number of that fleet will get an invitation to join the US Opti  team.  These are very professionally run events with Judges.
  • Regional State Event: these are the Harkens they will be a bit harder you will have more kids on the line, they are not usually qualifiers.  The clubs usually run a professional event.
  • Local Events: These are the Carrie Series these are small and run with help from you - all of you the clubs do thier very best but it is not expected to be a perfect event and this is not the time to be protesting everyone.  Sit down protest should be avoided and pitching to help run the event in should be expected.  Each club has different strengths.
  • International Events : Some are open some you have to qualify for.  The USA qualifiers for international events are USODA Team Trials and USODA Spring Qualifiers.
  • USODA.org - The org that runs the USA Optimist Fleet
  • IODA optiworld.org  - The org that runs the International Optimist Events