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Hold a LARGE OPTI EVENT - Nationals can be big! 300 to 500+

posted Nov 19, 2012, 11:29 AM by Madeleine McJones
SODA Regatta Committee Seeking Hosts
Posted: Monday, November 19th, 2012   7:45 am   

The USODA Regatta Committee is currently seeking hosts and accepting proposals for the following events:

  • 2013 Pacific Coast Champs
  • 2013 Midwest Champs
  • 2013 Great Lakes Champs
  • 2013 Southeast Champs
  • 2013 Northwest Champs

Furthermore, the Regatta Comittee is atively seeking bids for the 2014 Nationals(western rotation)  and the 2014 Team Race Midwinters.

And except for just a couple of Regional Championships which have already been awarded, the Regatta Committee encourages proposals for all 2014 Regional Championships.

Instructions on bid submission are on the USODA website, and copies of accepted proposals for at least the past few years are available for USODA members to view in the Regatta Committee section of the website.

Thank you

David Houck, Chair, Regatta Committee

(Source: Regatta Committee)