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Championship and Qualifier what does that mean ?

posted Aug 14, 2012, 1:44 PM by Madeleine McJones
 I heard this question often this weekend-found this online:  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE 

  • Championship fleet and Green fleet: that is a division in scoring and Champions may have to race outside the break wall and for many races.  There is NO Coaching.  There is the expectation that the competitor will finish promptly and not hold up the next start.  There is the expectation that you know the racing rules and protocols.  Green fleet is where you should learn the rules and get coached and learn to be out front!
  • Championship event: A championship race that means this event should draw top racers to try and qualify for US Team Trials that event is held each year the last weeks of April into the First week of May.  The top 25% of the Championship Race finishers in a "qualifing event" get to go to this event, it is not mandatory  but they can enter and  travel and try out, these kids will get TTQ on USODA and then if they do well at Team Trials then the top number of that fleet will get an invitation to join the US Opti  team.