Clubs and Teams Dated from 2014

Because we have not formal association to force clubs and sailing people to update this list
so PLEASE be aware no one will update this any more as of 2014.

These are clubs/team that have been having participation in racing in California- as of 2014 
No one every communicated to build this list so someone just had to guess so mistakes are rampant but if they help you find a team then great.

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Club/TeamCoach/ContactClub WebsiteFoundationEMAILStatus
Club/TeamCoach/ContactClub WebsiteFoundationEMAILStatus
Santa Monica   Santa Monica Bay SF  Hold a Race Annually -Super Bowl 
Richmond YC Dan Brandt RYC  Foundation  Hold an Race annually, no opti team, previous active sailors yes 
St. Francis YC Brent Harrill Holds Races, no team support, summer, clinics 
Los Angeles YC Rogers Los Angeles SF Holds Race Annually MidWinter FEB no team support 
Del Rey YC Scott DeCurtis Del Rey Juniors Active Team, Clinics, Summer, local Travel, Holds Races 
Cabrillo Beach YC Steven Natvig Cabrillo Beach SF Active Racing Team, US/Local Travel, clinics, Summer, Holds Races 
Long Beach YC JR SAILING Beginner Sailing only, No Active Team, Summer 
Encinal YC Mallory McCollum Bozina Light Team Presence, Summer, Hold Bay Race, local travel 2012 
California YC Guillaume Rasse Active Racing Team US/ Local Travel Summer, Clincs, Hold Races 
Santa Barbara YC ???? Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation Active Racing Team - US/ Local Travel, Summer, Clinics, Holds Races 
San Francisco YC Justine O'Connor Active Team, US Local Travel, Hold Races, Clinics, Summer 
Ventura YC Active Team, Hold Annual Race FALL, Summer Yes Event Support !, Clinics Proposed  
Lake Arrowhead YC   NoShow 2012 Local Travel only -Group Extinct? 
Alamitos Bay YC Allie Blecher ABYC  ABYC JR EMAIL Active Team Opti Training and Practice and Event support 2014! 
Bahia Corinthian YC UNK   Previous winners not Active, no support 2015 
Balboa YC   Previous active sailors only - no current OPTI support since 2012 
King Harbor YC Anne Popolizio http://King Harbor Youth Foundation Active Team, Clinics, Hold Races, Summer, Local Travel 
Morro BAY YC Dana McClish MORRO Morro Bay Youth Sailing Foundation Light Team, beginning Sailing Opti holds clinics, Local Travel, summer, Annual Race Big ROCK 
Sequoia Bay YC Eric Anderson Peninsula Youth SF Pennisula Youth Hold Race Annually BAYS, trains optis 
Showing 20 items