Not ANY-- Please hold one!

CLINICS SUGGESTIONS: What we have seen in the opti clinic war zone.. club verus private it is all the same the kids and parents and directors promoting kids,  but somethings work and somethings hurt.  Go ahead re-invent this clinic wheel, I hope you have a grand time and do not run in to the MADNESS that we have in the past.
Please Schedule in good faith! You are not in a vacuum!  Cal Opti does not have enough kids to tear apart clinics on the same date, there are somethings you can do to make friends not enemies and get  and build participation at your clinic.

1) To coordinate Clinics you should look at all active opti club sites, check calendars, you can call a few people they may be slow to post clinics, Please do not say you do not have jr directors emails etc, They are here on this site so please use them. 

2) Remember look at SCYYRA calendars and USODA calendars.  These Associations have events that take participation away from your clinic.

If you can please include all children even the ones beating your kids!  
Your fees  can and may differ for Membership AND that is a good thing to encourage and reward membership!

Please attend and Support other clubs clinics do not be nasty all of this is hard work and be helpful and kind. Tit for Tat ~ fights are not helping California Opti Kids! 

TOP KIDS:  Do not be surprised if some top kids do not show, they do not do public clinics, they may be  home schooled and prefer to private practice in small groups only.  It may irk people that they have decided not help the kids behind them that is their right.  Fees can differ to lure top kids! FEE BREAK:: if you really want them then give them a $$ break.  BUT Some kids  have plenty money and do not care.

Skill Levels:  You should if possible Separate Green, Middle and Top and keep the groups very small 5 or less, if you want top kids you will need to present a well-known good reputation top coach.  Fees can differ for the levels. 

Some Steerage for Determine Clinic Groups: FIRST be prepared for issues, a clinic will have issues from all sides regarding what level of sailor  and if a coach will even teach that level of sailor.  Middle kids need to practice with better kids to get better and parents figure they paid etc.. but often better kids and coaches will have zero tolerance for middle kids.  If you move a kid out of green you better be sure they are not holding the coach back from providing the clinic level or be sure to manage safety issues around this unproven child. You will get resistance that parents think their kid should be in the top group or championship be prepared.  You can get coaches that refuse to teach the middle or green groups be prepared.

  • IDEA 1)  Let the coaches decide who is in what level  and who teaches who, not the parents.  
  • IDEA 2)  Use USODA Team or Team Qualified as a level to determine groups or
  • IDEA 3)  Each Day hold a "sail off" to determine which group the middle and top groups. 
  • IDEA 4)  Let the money do the dividing, Make the top kids pay$ more than the middle$.
  • IDEA 5)  Have the top coaches (if willing ) work some time with  top and switch to the middle level.
  • IDEA 6) At the end of the day have the Middle and Top kids race.
 Many if not ALL of the Club Junior Directors have access to this site for posting of FLYERS please feel free to do so.  If you need access please I will give it freely just ask.  Also please be aware that not all people have Access to FACEBOOK at work that is why this site is here.